Back to Back ARGOS!

If there really are 15 k .

How do they not have to open the top section if they reduce capacity for the sole purpose to give more social distance the smaller number now produces .

You might have a point. If the upper deck which seats 9,000, is closed and not counted then they would only be allowed around 12k capacity

It was a bait and switch. The same site now shows plenty of seats available, including some that I would have preferred over the ones I purchased when it looked like they were going to be sold out. This is my reward for acting early. Thanks, Argos!

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:sunglasses: Yes ExPat, I checked also and there were plenty of tickets left on the site.

And now I just received an e-mail from the Cats that they are selling tickets for that game and season tix holders get a 15% discount !! Nice :stuck_out_tongue:

:sunglasses: Arbuckle is a joke, as evidenced on Labor Day !!

Don't be silly. Neither the Argonauts nor their fans merit hatred. Their fans should actually be lauded.

Reserve your hatred for Torontonians who don't care for the Argos but are instead fans of the NFL and the Blue Jays. And your fellow Hamiltonians who are in the same boat. These people are the enemy and I hate and despise them wholeheartedly.



That's crazy, I checked this morning and nothing available.
Just checked now and plenty available and as low as $25

Toronto is just a horrible football city...not just the Argos...but NFL Bill's did horrible there; Varsity football does poorly... Why would NFL ever want to expand to Toronto. On the other hand if Argos sold out each game, NFL may be intrigued...remember Baltimore..they used to get 40k for CFL...and NFL came quick from Cleveland, with Ravens running the Stallions all the way to Montreal!
RIP Wettanal.


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Ciante Evans has been put on the injured list and won't play on Friday.
Tyrice Beverette has been activated, from the P.R. and Jarek Richards takes the open spot on the P.R., having completed his quarantine period.
The Argos will be without their starting American safety, Crezdon Butler, who's now on their injured list, and they've activated 2 other Americans -- LB Eli Mencer and WR Chandler Worthy, while moving American WR Damion Jeanpiere, off the active roster, to the P.R. Source: Transactions - Football Player Trades and Signings -


Also despicable Tranna TV sports coverage of the CFL

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The ticats injury report said head injury for Ciante so I'm thinking concussion

Where did you see this week's one-day injury report(s)?
I didn't see anything, for the HAM/TOR rematch , in the usual spot -- Injury Reports -

Coach Dinwiddie has named Arbuckle his starter for Friday night, saying he "won't make him the scapegoat" for the Labour Day loss.
While our team likes to look at things, one game at a time, this suggests who they'll, most likely, be facing, here, a week later:

On the CFL transaction page, he's listed as transfer to the injured list.

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She has insider information because she communicates with several Ticat players using social media then blabs it all in this forum for all to see. If you want to know what a player's injury is just ask Ticatfan94.


You say that like it's a bad thing.

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Yes, it's a bad thing when you blab intimate details of a player's injuries. One only has to look at the injury report to get the required information.

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Players aren't supposed to talk about injuries to anyone, their own or anyone else's. Now and then guys get cut for that.

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