Back to Back ARGOS!

As discussed on this Forum, when the 2021 schedule was initially released, the 'Cats are navigating their way thru a peculiar part of the season.

The Montreal game was played following a Week 3 bye (we had no idea how valuable that Bye Week might be at the time) followed by a 9 day break before the annual Labour Day game versus the hated Argos. And then including Labour Day, the 'Cats have to endure a stretch in which they play 4 games in 16 days, culminating in a very odd Wednesday night matchup in Lansdowne Park. This will be a very tough stretch, especially for the linemen on both sides of the ball.

But this stretch begins with back to back games against the Argos, who might enter THF leading the CFL East standings with a 3 - 1 record, depending on a possible forfeiture of the Edmonton game. Does anyone have any further information on this?? I thought tomorrow would be the latest that the CFL could consider delaying this game. I suspect the Argos will get a favourable ruling here.

But looking ahead to this back to back encounter, I am having trouble accessing the "hate-on" that I was trained to have from an early age. The list of targets for the Box H hecklers was endless . . . Jim Corrigall, Jim Stillwagon, Granny Liggins, Larry Uteck, Mike Eben, Terry Evanshen, etc. and then the best of all, of course, was Coach Leo Cahill. Oh, how we loved to hate on LEO !! I actually miss Leo . . . actually the Toronto Argos would do well to find another character like Leo Cahill. We loved to hate on him; he was good for the CFL.
And then there was no lack of candidates for that list of targets, in the decades that followed . . .
But I have a major problem that many others on this Forum may share . . . where do we direct this venom, on this version of the Argos team ?? With Labour Day approaching, I just realized that I don't know anyone on this team . . . other than the 2 QB's !! So I took a look at the roster . . . I discovered there are only 5 players that have been on the roster for more than 2 years. One of them is McLeod Bethel-Thompson - he may never even put his helmet on during the Labour Day game. And the others are in the "tough to hate" category. How do you develop a hate for the Argos' Long-Snapper ??

Any suggestions would be appreciated . . .

I think you hit the nail on the head - pretty hard to hate a team that you know very little about and have no history against. All it may take is one shoving match, scuffle, ejections to get the juices flowing again ( remember 2019 when Wilder instigated something and two of our dbs wound up getting tossed). Argos look like they may be for real this year and could be one of our main rivals down the stretch - after these next two games we’ll have a good idea of how the teams stack up against each other. If both teams meet in the playoffs expect the rivalry to be pretty strong, at least from our fans’ standpoint.


From listing to the winnipeg , regina and montreal games , i do not think the cats have played all that well . Sure they won one , but they played the als . The boatmen are red hot and well rested , you may just find a reason to hate the argos(spit) again .

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I'm going to steal something from your post, if you don't mind.
After you typed in the name of the blew team, you then typed (spit). All I could think of was this guy: index


i have been a rabid cats fan since 1967 when i first saw the great Tiger # 75 play . i saw my first game in hog town in 1968 and i have disliked the argos(spit) ever since

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We can just dislike them based on the scoreboard too!

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For the record, no reason is needed to hate the Argos. They are inherently a force of darkness in our world. Ticat fans just know this in our bones.

Anyone who joins the Argos sacrifices whatever individual identity they once had (from a moral standpoint) and becomes part of the collective. Assuming they made a choice to join, they are properly subject to our contempt.

Individual members of the organization can salvage their humanity if they repent, leave the team, and direct their efforts, at least in part, to defeating the darkness.


The jury's still out on Peter Dyakowski... lol

I enjoyed ExPat's response: the mere sight of the Double Blue should be enough to inspire contempt in Ti-Cat fans.

But I thought I would delve a little deeper into some of these despicable characters:

#1 Shaq Richardson; The last time the Argos paid a visit to THF was November 2, 2019. The Argos were mere days from clearing out their lockers, & the Tiger-Cats had a bye in the first week of the playoffs.
Some might call it a meaningless game & the Ti-Cats were resting several starters, but both teams showed up to Win. Early in the 2nd Q on a Cameron Marshall running play to the wide side of the field, Jaelon Acklin, on the short side, was being a spectator & #1 Shaq Richardson decided to deliver a blindside helmet to helmet hit that knocked Acklin out of the game. Following the game, Coach O stated that Acklin was removed "as a precaution".
I am sure that Acklin & his teammates will remember that cheap shot. I would suggest that Richardson not hang around the pile too much; he is a target.

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I am sure that Tiger-Cat fans will remember June Jones' aborted attempt to hire his buddy Art Briles, as an Offensive coach in 2017. Until 2015 Art Briles was the Head Coach of the Baylor Bears varsity football team . . . until he was dismissed in disgrace amidst a scandal that revealed that Briles & his staff regularly & willingly turned a blind eye to accusations of sexual assault committed by their star football players . . . this leads me to Argos' despicable character #2 . . .

#90 Shawn Oakman; this guy, all 6’ 7⅝” of him is as despicable as they come. A highly recruited football player coming out of HS, he initially earned a scholarship to Penn State. But before he had completed a single year at Penn State, his scholarship was revoked & he was kicked off the team. The team cited violation of team rules, but the exact cause was never publicized.
And this was when an opportunistic Art Briles stepped up and offered this scumbag a scholarship to play football at Baylor. Shawn Oakman was one of several football players at Baylor that were accused of preying on women, but Art Briles made sure that the allegations were swept under the rug.
Fortunately for Oakman, he joined a football program where the inmates were allowed to run the Penitentiary. The NFL will not touch this guy; he should not be playing in the CFL - he should be incarcerated !!


Except Pinball. You have to agree, he’s the exception.

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Today's the first, and last, day of practice prep for the rematch. Will we get, late afternoon, the usual Day 1 injury reports? Hope so.

Ciante Evans left the game at some point but I didn’t hear what the issue was with him. He was limited in practice last week with a hamstring so may have re- aggravated it. They moved Williams over to his halfback spot in the second half and Desmond Lawrence covered Frankie at corner.

"Sorry, tickets are not currently available online."

Could they actually reach their maximum capacity at BMO for the game?

Looks like Ticat fans snapped them all up

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It's an extra "home" game... lol

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Yup . Back to back home games 45 miles apart . :grinning:

MLSE should send some of the game proceeds to the caretaker!

The Argos may change their home schedule to play all games vs our cats.

Maybe Bob can buy the first round for all Tiger-Cats fans in attendance... lol

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They better hire some NHL linesemen then because there would likely be a few brawls on the field. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Tensions were pretty high on LD. I'm expecting the smack talk to get even more intense every time Cats play the Argos this season.