Back online

Hey kids, back just in time for playoffs. I had an interruption in internet service but am good to go now. Sorry to T & T for not quite hooking up with ya at the game here, I really did try but for whatever reason it did not pan out. Glad you had a great time, I knew you would. We have a great venue here, just ask all the Rider fans.

Speaking of Rider fans, hats off for being great guests. I saw or had no problems at all. There were couple young ones drunk and singing an obscene song. We ignored them (it's boring beating up drunks), and there were some young kids that learned a new song but I'm sure it was nothing they haven't heard before.


Toe glad you are back! Missed your input.

Welcome back mate

From one Super to another,

It's Super that your back. 8)

........hey, missed ya buddy........looking forward to two BOA's in a row?.......

Hey, I wonder if you got kidnapped by those Rider Priders at the game. Haven't seen you there, haven't talk to you since. Glad you're still alive and well.

Guess we'll have to meet next time we visit each other's stadium. I had a great time at your place.

Don't know if that first on qualifies as a BOA. We got spanked, schooled and humiliated by a very good Stampeder team. As we both know, next week is the important one and this last one won't mean a thing if the real Eskimos show up.


They better come with a new bag of tricks or they too will be watching the game.