Back on the plus-side, Reilly looks for next steps

VANCOUVER — You wouldn’t know it by looking at him on Saturday night, but Michael Reilly had just emerged on the other side of a 28-game journey and he wasn’t too proud to say he was happy that it was over.

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Good to see some relatively positive statements about Reilly. One CFL pundit put him at only 25th of the best current CFL players a few weeks ago. Never forget what he went through 2019 - poor offensive coaching and a porous offensive line - resulting in him being discounted by writers. Reilly is one of the best and with Maksymic calling winning plays and the team responding to Campbell, Reilly now has the tools he didn't have two years ago. It's a TEAM this year and Reilly is benefitting. For the first time since Lulay, Lions fans have something to cheer about at QB and a feeling of confidence is returning to the left coast.

You are correct sir… I feel the confidence returning and it’s been gone for awhile.

The B.C. Lions are for real in this crazy 2021 season. Michael Reilly has his mojo back with a O-Line that is improving each game. They have the CFL's top receiver in Bryan Burnham. The addition of Lucky Whitehead is a major plus. There Defense could still use some fine tuning. I would like to see them make the playoffs in the West division or a possible crossover team in this 2021 season. :wc: :star_struck: :large_orange_diamond: