Back on the horse

As long as their not playing against the Cats, it's nice to see former TC's have good games. Kevin Glen 8/11 passing, and Marquay McDaniel was the Stamps leading receiver in their come-from-behind pre-season win over EDM Friday night. McDaniel caught a last minute TD pass and then another for a 2-pt. conversion, both tossed by their Canuck QB Brad Sinopoli. Check out the video highlites @ or

Oops! Before the grammar guys get me – please read the first “their” above as “they’re.”

You're a lucky one, Ottawacat....I just started to dial the grammar police!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, I have to admit I found myself pulling for the Stamps late in that game only because of Sinopoli and McDaniel. And I also enjoyed seeing Glenn play better than Tate. At least from what little I saw...he seemed to play better. I missed a lot of the middle part of the game. On another note, I liked the new Eskimos jerseys, whereas the Stamps jerseys looked pretty much the same.

Good to see ex Cats play well. It was typical Glenn, quick and accurate release but no stretching the field. Im glad to have Hanks cannon for a arm.

I saw it the same way and feel the same way.