Back in the Saddle: Tre Roberson returns to Calgary

CALGARY — Tre Roberson is returning to the Calgary Stampeders.

The team announced on Tuesday that they have signed the defensive back. This marks Roberson’s second stint with the Stampeders as the Indianapolis native played 32 regular-season games and three post-season contests for Calgary in 2018 and 2019 before signing with the National Football League’s Chicago Bears.

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This is not good news for the rest of the Western Division. Or for the East either. One heck of a player, he inherited lots of his grandaddy's fine football genes.

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Do we need him ? our DBs are all stars

A team will always need a player of this calibre.

Does it even matter at this point? Clearly the Bombers are winning the cup in a landslide victory 🤷


Really? This is the CFL and nothing is for sure. Remember 2019 where the Bombers were # 3 and they went on to win the GC. Stamps are rising and could do that this season. So if I were you I wouldn't place any $$$ on the Bombers just yet!

I'm not counting the chickens until Bighill hoists the cup. I've seen far too many upsets. The 9-9 Argos beating the 13-5 Stamps in 2012 or the 8-10 Stamps beating the 14-4 Bombers in 2001 comes to mind.

Well I guess that's that then . No real sense to finish out the season as it's clearly going to be a waste of everybody's time and effort . Might as well just give that Cup to those Bombers again and save all involved the inevitable aggravation of watching the landslide happen . :yawning_face: :roll_eyes:

Should be ready when we play the bombers to close out the season. Great signing

If we need picks tre is the cherry on top for our defence. Ill be shitting my pants if i was a bomber

Hes back in time for another GC ring

Welcome back Tre Roberson. I wish you a healthy & productive 2021 season with the Calgary Stampeders. Who will be the fall guy in the secondary. :question:

You must be kidding. The Bombers effectively lost one of their games against the Stamps and won the other by 3 points. Once the Stamps beat down the Riders, again, Calgary will be the favorite in the West. But I said that at 1-4 too so I guess I'm just getting lucky.

What are you talking about? The Stumps have only played the Champs once this season, and they got beat. The last time these teams met was in '19 when the Champs whooped the Stumps in their own backyard in the West semi's. It will be more of the same in the last game of the season.


We're too busy planning the parade, to be worrying about some 3rd place team way down in the standings


Exactly. Just trying to help save some people the anguish of defeat

If I remember right the bombers won against the stamps on a last play field goal. It was not so easy for them.

Roberson is great to have even though the db's are great now it is always a good thing to have depth

Planning a parade already hahahahhaha u just showin your weakness. But go ahead and thinks ita gonna be a walk in a park just makes your tears that more sweeter when u lose hahahhahaa

You keep talking like that and pretty soon NO ONE will want to play with us. :smiley: :+1: