Back in the hunt.....

With a win, Thursday night against the hated Argo's... the Cats would be back in the hunt.
The fan's need this win...the Players need this win..the Coaching Staff need this win.

So...don't be shocked, if our Cats, do in
I know.... I won't be.

Cheers. :thup:

I think it's very winnable, as are the next three games.

Keep the faith, baby!

ill never give up on my ticats, they can have the next 30 years like the past few and ill never like another team, of course ill get frustrated, but i will keep the faith!

Wow, that's dedication Lockhart. I'll say that I'll always be a Ticat fan, of course there are limits to everything. I think by the 25th year like this, I may have to give up on them. They've got a 25 year mortgage with me. But they have to win a grey cup in that time.