Back in the Boat: Argos set sail with modern take on classic logo

TORONTO — There is no team with a longer history in the Canadian Football League than the Toronto Argonauts and now they have put a modern twist on one of their classic looks, introducing the return of the ‘boat logo’ as their new primary mark.

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Great look and long overdue to go back.

I like the double blue colour scheme going away from the brown boat.

Real credit card...

Yeah, this is a great logo - the best I've seen from the annals of Argonauts history.

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My fav Argo logo, glad to see it back.

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Definitely listened to the fans on this one . Debate over having blue ball was always fun .

The photo of the helmet with the new /old loge along the water looks fantastic .


Looks good. I like that they made the boat a catamaran too. Nice touch.

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I could be wrong - but I don't think it's a catamaran. I think those things you perceive as the 'supports' are the oars in stylized water?

Agreed. I believe it's stylized waves.


After the reveal of the new-old logo, I finally recognized that the seam in the ball doubles as a scull. I had always thought it was just a seam and the rowers were men sticking out of the side of a stylized "galleon", like in earlier boat logos.