Back in Black

Message from the Riders to the fans: WEAR BLACK TO THE GAME TOMORROW!!! "We're gonna be wearing black on the field so I think all the fans should wear black too," said Rider SB Andy Fantuz. "It'll show a lot energy and it'll show the unity and the support of Rider Nation. Everybody across the country will be jealous that they're not here and it'll bring a lot of energy and excitement to the whole day. It'll also commemorate the 100th year so the players want all the fans to wear black to the game."

Isn't it too late to get the word out?

"From what I hear it's never too late with Rider Nation so we're going to try and get it out there as much as we can and hopefully word spreads quickly," Fantuz smiled."

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I'm going to be wearing 1493 of 2010 so I am in.

Don't know our jersey sequence numbers but my wife and I are in also. It will be weird with all the black in the stands. Hopefully it doesn't conjure up some bad mojo.

Also I believe the players' game worn jerseys are being given away after the game. My understanding that seat numbers will be drawn to see who wins the jerseys. Should be fun.

The Jerseys are being given away, and i believe that only Season Tickets are in the draw.

That will be so weird seeing Black instead of green...... and sitting on the East side in 25 plus temps in the mid afternoon.......maybe someone should add to make sure to wear pit stick......but I think it's a ploy to drive up beer sales from dehydrating everyone! 3.5 Mill wasn't enough! :smiley:

High is forecast to be 22 tomorrow. Black it up!

Unfortunately I only have 1 black Rider shirt and it’s a long sleeved cotton shirt… I can suck it up for 1 game