Back in Black: Stamps reveal new uniforms ahead of Labour Day

TORONTO — OK Tire Labour Day Weekend is on the horizon in the CFL and the Calgary Stampeders will be dawning a new look as they get set to take on the Edmonton Elks in the Battle of Alberta on Monday.

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I like them. The chrome logo and barbed wire stripe are really cool. Overall, its a nice look. Way better than the red/white candycane retros they wore earlier this year.


Agreed. I laughed out loud when someone here (can't remember who) posted a Pop Shoppe logo. Most retro looks rightfully belong in the past.

I especially like the one on the bottom right.

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I was one who posted the pop shoppe, KFC and McDonald's photos.

I do like these black uniforms mucho better.....but Bombers have nowhere to hide after their special blue velour pajama/jumpsuit uniforms, Yuk

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It's okay but

Change the Black to a Dark Grey and you have something that is not on the current menu of teams colours and it will really look sharp and unique .

And better yet it does not clash with a team called the Redblacks in a small league .

I agree.

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One thing nice about those Bomber uniforms is the new helmet stripe. They need to keep that

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