Back home in the West division !

Where we belong. Unfortunately we made making the playoffs in the East tricky , the West is going to be tough!

The league should go to three divisions that would include:

East (Mon, Tor, Ham)
West (BC, Cal, Sas)
Other (Win, Edm, Ott)

Top two teams in each division would qualify for the playoffs with the Other division qualifiers getting a bye and home field advantage in the second round. This realignment would provide the balance the league sorely needs right now, not to mention make it much easier for the Bombers to win a Grey Cup! :lol: :wink:

LOL!!! You could go 5-13 or 6-12 and win that "OTHER" Division next year hands down!!!! :lol: :wink:

Awful idea. 3 team divisions is ridiculous. People would lose interest and not follow the other divisions or care. CFL is all about tradition and win ,ott and edm, would KILL the league !

Relax; I think that's the joke. The "Other Division"?? Like Buddy Wasisname once said..."when The Other Fellers started playing with me, it was obvious what I should call them." :lol:

(It was a joke, wasn't it?)

If we're going to play this game, here's my suggestion :wink: :

Go to a 1st and 2nd division like British soccer.

First Division will have 5 teams; at the end of the season, teams 1&4 and 2&3 play semis, with winners going to the GC; team 5 is relegated to the 2nd division next season, replaced by the winner of the 2nd division.

If this season ends with the standings as they are now, next year we'd start with a First Division of Saskatchewan, Calgary, BC, Toronto and Hamilton, and a Second Division of Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Ottawa, and carry on from there.

Just joking, of course. I'll be glad when the two divisions are back like they should be. The league should make sure that the Labour Day games all feature the natural rivalries of Montreal-Ottawa, Toronto-Hamilton, Winnipeg-Saskatchewan, and Calgary-Edmonton.

......I like the idea of returning....just a little surprised it came so quick, as I thought the powers that be, would wait to see how the new franchise did before pulling the trigger....Anyway...I don't mind being in the tougher division...We'll just have to get better all that quicker...I would also expect some cash for the move... :wink:

Really, you took this seriously? If nothing else, didn't Other division teams earning a bye and home field advantage strike you as odd......

I figured the joke was the Bombers having a better chance at winning Grey Cup. :cowboy:

Not sure about the move, not at this time anyway. I grew up with the bombers in the west and it seems more natural to be there but the uncertainty in the east is a more attractive. West division stacks up tougher right now than the east and making the playoffs a bit tougher. It'll be curious to see what more moves are made and how the expansion draft and offseason moves affect the bombers and the other teams and whether that gap between the bombers and the top 3 teams in the west can be closed a bit.

Happy that the team is going back to where it belongs. Historically tough Western Division will only make the Bombers a better squad. Only downside for me personally is that less games will be played in Ontario.

I wish they would just leave us in the East until the day comes that there are 2 extra teams in the East. Who knows how long Ottawa will last this time?

I just don't want to go to the West only to move back in a few years...

Ottawa is never going to fold again ! I think that's the attitude that the league is putting forth, Kubie.

I think Winnipeg is the only team to play in both divisions, another feather !

We'll see. my friend. Here's hoping!

The difference between previous teams in Ottawa and now is the RedBlacks have far superior ownership. That and the new TV contract make the future look good.

I believe it was Confucius that once said:

"Never underestimate the ability of pro sports franchise owners to screw things up".

At least that's how I remember it..... :lol:

I think Confucius would give a thumb's up to Jeff Hunt. :wink:

The Oseg group is very stable plus don't forget this is much more then a stadium its a whole complex the team will be fine in fact i think they will do very well.