Back From Vegas and well Shiv has a message for you Riders

uh huh

R&W2005, you are picking on the Riders, I thought it was the Bombers you liked to pick on?

No the Shiv is picking on the riders! ha ha ha
Just maybe he has finally realized that the team he put together is not there yet! Wants another five years! Vegas was great lots of fun at the condo on GC day!

Good to have you back!

Gosh redand white--- who won the Western Semi-Final in Calgary -- I cannot remember but I think the HEAVILY FAVOURED HOME TEAM lost. It will be a long winter my misguided friend. Your Stamps choked. My Riders came through after being down 22-6. Gosh , what kind of a team would blow a lead like that. Gee Whizakers, I think a confused, lousy team that plays as individuals not as a team. On the other hand, what kind of a team does not quit when down on the road 22-6 in the Western semi-final. Gosh, maybe a team with character, a team that plays for their coach---A TEAM!!!!! As I said earlier, my friend, it will be a long lonely winter thinking about that loss to MY RIDERS IN YOUR HOUSE!! HA HA!!!

Turkey tell that to Shiv! Not me! ha ha ha ha

your logic escapes me my friend.???!!!

Next thing we'll see is you have come out with a book like O.J. entitled , "What if we did it!" which chronicles what would have happened had the Stamps beat the Riders!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha!
Riders Rule
Stamps Drool!!

Well Turkey, now that the Stamps have signed Bo, they have decided that they should forego the regular season next year and just have the other 7 teams play off to see who should meet them in the Grey Cup.