Back from my first NFL game

My daughter’s very serious boyfriend is a Bills fan (yes, one of those S. Ontario types raised wrong but we’re working on him). His Christmas present was 24 hrs. with me and a Bill’s game. (You have to take the good with the bad. You decide.)

The Bills played Cleveland today.
I have returned!
Cold, wet, exhausted.

He’s happy 'cause the Bills won.

Sitting on the 40 yd. line in the North stands up near the top. Great view. First NFL game I’ve been to.

That field really IS tiny!
I miss the motion in the backfield.
Not enough men on the field.
The 40 second clock bothered me.

But I guess that I’m really complaining because I couldn’t figure out the strategy. In a CFL game I can usually figure out the top 3 options for plays and I understand the flow of the game. Seeing the NFL in person and being able to watch the whole field instead of the TV closeups showed me how different the games actually are.

I’d go with him again but I’d need to learn the strategies of the game more in order to really be able to enjoy it. Still a CFL man.

Oh yeah… never saw so many drunk guys in my life and I used to work on skid row in Hamilton.


well.. I am sorta thinking of it .. I have a heck of a time watching it on TV.. I don't even know if I could last an entire game at the stadium..

the problem with the NFL.. is it is a Time of possession football game.

if you can keep the ball for as long as possible and get the points when you are able to, you will win the game.

when the teams are bad, more often than not, they're bad and they'll lose.

when the teams are good, most likely they will win again.

with 4 downs, if you have a good offense you are pretty much unbeatable. if you cannot get 10 yds in 4 downs, you truly are sad and you deserve to lose.

there was a game that had a score of 7-3? so one TD and 1 field goal.. and they consider that exciting?

I love how in the NFL they praise and find ways to build up the hype and positives for the game's low score..

yet in the CFL, they criticize and call us bush league etc.. if we have a low scoring game.

ya ok.

I agree the 4 downs makes it not as exciting… altho I have seen some very exciting NFL game… the one thing that is totally different for the NFL and CFL is that in the CFL, if you are down by 2 touchdowns in the last 2 minutes, it is still doable to come out with a win, dont think that is so in the NFL.

yeah.. if you're down by 10 pts in the NFL.. with 2 minutes to go, the odds are you're done.

because in reality, 2 minutes is actually 1 minute and 20 seconds.

especially if you're losing and THEY have the ball..

cause they only need to keep it away from you.

and they can run a play, waste 40 seconds.. run another, waste another 40 seconds..


Agreed. Growing up on Canadian football, its just frustrating to see how easy it is to close out a game in the NFL with several minutes, a small lead, possession, 4 yards per carry and a couple first downs

7-3 score? Now that's excitement! :lol:

Because the CFL has never had a dud before... :expressionless:

that's not the point Chief..

when the NFL has a dud, there's no complaint. they find a way to turn it into something great and positive..

yet the CFL has one? then it's complaints and calls for changes , etc..

I think if percentage of Duds in the NFL are way higher than the CFL.. even if there are 32 teams to 8.