Back for more this year ..

Hello All -

I live in the U.S. and started following the CFL last year … I adopted the TiCats as my favorite team due mostly to the friendly and dedicated nature of Hamilton fans. Many of you helped me get a better understanding of the game, differences in rules between the NFL and CFL - and most importantly how to watch LIVE games !!! I can’t thank everyone enough for the warm welcome and guidance last year.

After a long winter I have anxiously waiting for the CFL season to arrive … Seems like last year’s playoff against B.C. was years ago !!

Anyway, I am very happy to be back and look forward to a great season with the TiCats and all of you.

Thanks, Winterland

Welcome back! Happy to have a new fan follow our 100 year history of Canadian Football!

Not sure where you are in the states, but you should try to come to a game....Hamilton, Montreal or Sask are the best places to watch and be part of the action!

Welcome back!! Hopefully they'll give us all something to cheer for this year.

Welcome back Winterland