Back Field Bungle

I have been waiting all week for someone to mention that THREE times our running backs/recievers ran into each other right in front of Glenn. As far as I have read not a word. I'm soory if someone has, but THREE times!!!!!

Definitely not one of their finer moments. All that was needed was for them to have big bushy mustaches and a piano player to accompany them ala Keystone Cops.

This can be attributed to 3 things probably in this particular order:

  1. Lack of preparation/coaching
  2. Inexperienced rookies
  3. Crowd noise

I was thinking Yakaty Sax (aka Benny Hill theme). And there was another play where the receiver caught the ball and immediately ran into the linemen who had not quite made it far enough to block for him.

Can we blame some of this on crowd noise? Hmmmm.....

It was crowd noise, bottom line.

Did you guys watch the game? They were unable to call audibles. Our QB'S were forced to grab players and physically move them to the proper alignment. It was utter confusion at times.

This resulted in penalties being called and time outs having to be used.

They were disorganized and discombobulated by the noise and couldn't adapt.

I firmly believe that the Winnipeg fans played an enormous role in their teams victory.

I also firmly believe that played at home we win that game.

FAN NOISE ??????? Don't you think the FAN NOISE was a bit loader in the Big O in Montreal, you know the closed in stadium.
I didn't see anyone bumping into each other in that game.

Good point titleist. As sooon as I saw that back field collision, I thought we were done. :thdn:

The game was played on a slippery field in cold and windy conditions.

It was inevitable that there would be slip ups on some running plays.

A bad omen to me would be if those "collisions" caused three fumbles.

I watched the collision play again, and it had nothing to do with anyone slipping. The collision was the result of either a timing issue, with either Williams or Cobourne starting their route early or late, or one of them running the wrong route. Maybe Glenn called an audible that only one of them heard?

The route Cobourne ran was 100% a blocking route for a screen or short pass to the left. He didn't even look back for the ball once, even though he was wide open, with the closest defender about five yards in front of him. Williams, on the other hand, was running a route to the short right, the same route he ran a few other times in the game and in previous games. Other times that he ran it, he had a lead blocker, either Cobourne or one of the receivers, in front of him. This time he didn't, as Cobourne had gone left.

So I'm guessing that one of the two players ran the route to the wrong side. Which one? No idea, as the rest of the blocking was straight up pass blocking - no hint of which way the play was going other than through the air.

True, it didn't cause a fumble. But it did cause the play to fail miserably. If that had been the only messed up play, I'd say no problem, move on. But that was just the most obvious mess-up in a series of mess-ups. And those mess-ups cost us drives, points, and the game. Can they all be blamed on crowd noise? Some, but not all, in my opinion.

The Bombers had two weeks to prepare for Hamilton so the TiCats had to come up with something new, the only thing is they didn't have enough time to perfect it and they knew that. When it started falling apart they lost faith. Simple as that.


But if you use the argument that the Bombers had two weeks to prepare for the TICats, then you could say that Hamilton had about a month or so to prepare for a play-off run since they were in third place with no chance to move up or down in the standings. That is when they started experimenting with the two quarterback system. What they should have been doing was fine-tuning what they had instead of experimenting. That is where they lost it and that falls squarely on the coach!

brox's been pointed out in so many places that the Ticats failed on both sides of THE LINE. As for the rest of the screw-ups...that's "execution" and quite frankly any amount of coaching is not going to change what happens out there if they don't do what they are supposed to do. They got beat... Period... by a team that wanted it more than them.

How the hell is it not coaching? This was the 20th game of the season so Marcel should have these guys running the plays in their sleep. If the players are inept then they are screwing up in practice and would also show up on previous game films. What was done to correct this? The Cats played in the Winnipeg game like they were in pre-season form with a bunch of rookies who didn't understand their assignments. Once again it was game 20 and once again who didn't prepare the team?

You and "On-knight" have made your don't like the coach and in spite of all the evidence to the contrary, you insist it's the coaches fault for not setting up properly, dropping passes, running wrong routes and most importantly forgetting how to block and tackle in the most important game of the year. :roll:

For your info...the coach was not on the field playing the game! :wink: They practised all week and had played well previously (see the Montreal game), but for whatever reason the players did not execute properly. End of story!

woody: I don't think you can dismiss those errors that easily.
The same players lined up OK the rest of the game from what I saw. Why couldn't they do it in that one series of plays?
My instincts tell me they were not prepared properly. Maybe the plays were too complicated and/or too new.
Whatever it was, I don't think you can blame sudden collective stupidity on the part of the players.

I am damn sure coaching had nothing to do with the fact that
there were a few plays in the backfield that were a bit messy.

There are a myriad of possible reasons for that, for instance,

the fact that it was a big game on Saturday could have caused
some players to have more than the usual amount of Jitters.

Dislike Marcel for his game plan, or his disposition
but don’t blame the execution of running plays on him,

that mundane task is the offensive co-ordinators job

His job is to oversee the work of his co-ordinators.

If Marcel saw “collisions” at practice last week he would have had them
run those plays over repeatedly until they executed them correctly,

like he does at every training camp and at practices during the season.

If he only saw them after he reviewed the film of the practice
he would have made them run them over and over the next day.

Every coach from Pee wee on up does that.

Obviously Marcel and his staff as professional coaches,
would do that, too.That’s what they do for a living,folks.

I didn’t see any players “colliding” together
at the practices that I attended last week.