Bachman & Turner Grey Cup Half Time Show

According to Pollstar-Concert Hotline, 2/3 of BTO are playing Commonwealth Stadium on Nov. 28.

I hope randy touring with turner doesnt mean he had another falling out with burton.

No, it means more that Randy and Fred Turner are getting along better. They were working on some recording together and decided to do a few shows - you can read more their latest efforts together here:

I do wonder if a younger act might be better - BTO's original fans are 50+ now.

So will be the majority of the fans in the stands!

Ya…guaranteed no one under 45 has ever heard of either of these guys or of BTO.
Mind you the CFL crowd isn’t a young crew.
Again they seem to be mimicking the NFL but they will pale in any of these comparisons. The old guys the NFL gets are Icons.Boring but icons.
But no big deal I guess.
But if I was working it I’d go Canadiana all the way. Like the Olympic Opening Ceremony.
Never in the states would you get the brilliance of a spoken word poet, and I mean brilliance, and a gender neutral singer bringing tears to all of our eyes like KD Lang.

So I’d throw out the book and half time would look a little different than a 30 year retired B grade rock act. I’d hire the Cree band that has performed Neil Young’s songs in the Cree language actually. Beautiful.
But each his own.

I agree Flag, except that BTO is/was a grade B act. It is extremely well known in my (50+) age group, even here in California, and are icons in their own right. I like the Canadiana idea though, but you have to consider both of these guys major part of Canadian music history, so they actually fit in a way. I'm not disappointed by their selection, if in fact it's true.

ya…fair enough.
I didn’t mean to diss them. They took care of business in their day and Randy has a nice CBC show. They are contributors to good Canadian music for sure.

Boring? What's boring about Tom Petty, Bruce Springsteen, and The Who? I loved all of those halftime shows. :thup:

I thought the Who were AWFUL. but then I’m not a fan to begin with.
I am a fan of the other two,especially Petty, but thought they mailed it in. (I did think the stones 4 years ago were brilliant though)
But again each to their own.
In those 3, the names have iconic excitement to them but their performances were poor IMO. But again the NFL can draw on world wide icons which draw an audience and adds to their allure as the NFL as a brand . The performances almost don’t matter. We can’t nor shouldn’t compete with that. Its like the American Idol /Canadian Idol copycat thing.

I’d rather go in a different direction.

But my phone’s not ringing.

Forgot about the Stones. They weren't bad, either, and I'm not much of a Stones fan. Personally, I like watching all the old rock groups/artists.

Yep…I get it too.
enjoy the BTO 2/3 then.

i’m gonna go play harmonica and listen to Dylan…

Now what would that take to get Bobby out to a game?
“How Many fields must
A player run down
Before you can call him
A Pro?”
(sung in a nasal whine)

And BTW Ricky Ray as a runner??? Who knew? Pretty good game plan…brilliant I’d say.

And vote tomorrow…do your duty.

It would probably take an indoor venue to get Dylan to Edmonton at the end of November :lol:

Why am I not surprised, Bachman & Turner, gimme a break! well that will blow. As I said before why not Rene Simard then,lets really stink the joint out.

I'm 50 and have no use for B and T. Give me something newer! who are these people that make the selection, 75 year olds?

Ah, I'm glad that we have our official "complain about the Grey Cup halftime act" thread for 2010. With this out of the way, I can reflect nostalgically on the 2009 version, and look forward to the 2011 version. :cowboy:

Bachman & Turner? Are you kidding me? I've never even heard of them. The half-time shows have REALLY gone downhill since Lenny Kravitz rocked out in Toronto.

I hope this is just a rumour.

I am a Who fan, and they were beyond awful. Roger Daltry simply has no voice left. At least Randy Bachman can still sing in his limited sorta way. But I agree that a performer with a bit more a current recording resume would be a better choice, although there is a need to cater to the majority that will be there and/or watching on TV.

I'm 26 and people my age know these guys and BTO it's classic Canadian music. But this is the thing with picking a musical act it's hard to please everyone. I won't actually be watching the half time show as I plan the party at the drinking establishment I work for and we'll be doing prize draws and such. As long as it's not Nickelback I'm happy.

They played at the Winnipeg Grey Cup.

Total respect for BTO, Randy and the crew from this guy. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

One day one of my favourite Canadian groups Cuff the Duke will be doing it as well one day, me hopes. :wink:

I love new stuff and older stuff. Went to see Jimmy Eat World, iconic band for the mid'90's genre (emo is how they are classified but haven't quite figured that one out yet) and super. By the same token I love Dala, and Rah Rah from Regina who I will see this week with Wintersleep and Besnard Lakes.

We have so much to be proud of in this country music wise, everything wise. :thup:

For me, I love the older, newer and in between. Gordy Lightfoot could do the GC and I'd be as happy as a pissing vinegar... well, whatever. :wink:

Gordon Lightfoot died a couple of times already this year, I don't think he's up to it. :cowboy: