Babir-"Cats will Go 0-18" Where is He? Bet Called

Here’s a thread from the old site that I don’t want lost. I’m hoping that site regulars know where BABIR has gone and under what name he’s operating now.

Read on.

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Babir… where are you? Are you ironing that $20.00 yet? Remember our bet? It will go to Mission Services in honor of their 50th Anniversary.

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I’m not a betting man.
I’ve NEVER bought a lottery ticket. (I’ve always figured that since over 98% of people lose money on lotteries every year that I’m guaranteed to be in the top 2% of winners EVERY year by NOT buying.)

Anyway- if you’re calling an 0-18 season, I’m buying as much of your bet as I can.

I’m ready to do this…

OK Mark:

Here’s the bet: I will gladly hand over $20.00 Canadian dollars if this team goes better than 0 and 18 this year.

Ultimate: The other names mentioned won’t be playoff ready for 2 or 3 years within this team.

Borehamgirl: There is never a good reason to wear Argo clothing. Now you’re just being silly.

Yes, I do know my football, and I am a ray of sunshine. I don’t enjoy watching my team win the Grey Cup wearing green and gold. It takes a whole team to win. They need experience and they need to gel. This will take 2 or 3 years.

20 bucks Mark! Let’s hear from you!

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Mark is IN!
$20.00 to the charity of choice!

Ladies and Gentlemen… this is the first bet Mark has taken in his life. Circle this date on your calendars.

I’m in for Mission Services of Hamilton. My dad ran the mission for almost 30 years and I worked there for 7 down at James and Barton and also at the Cannon St. location now run by the Brothers of the Good Shepherd. (my wife ran Inasmuch House- the centre for spousal abuse).

I remember that bet. I offered to bet him too but I haven't seen him around lately.

He's just another of the old names that have disappeared.

Good thing he didn't bet on the pre-season as well.

It's cool to see my old name mentioned on the site and to see one of my old posts(Ultimate_Ticats_Fan)

I think he was being silly.


Here Babir, Babir, Babir…

nope, he wasn’t just bein silly, i tried to get in on the bet too, and babir PMed me and told me the bet was just for mark to take.

which i took to mean that it was a serious offer.


I think anyone who bets money that a team will not win but one game in a league where 67% of its teams makes the playoffs is purely comical.

Check your math. It's 75% (6 out of 8 teams).

Up until this year it was 67% which is what I was referring to.

67% or 75%, those numbers are ridiculous.

the argos are gonna need those kind of odds to make the playoffs in the east[/smacktalk]


I wish it was only the top 2 teams in each Division, not Top 3.

why? that'd be a boring playoff... two weeks? booo that.

even the original six had similar odds when it came to playoff berths. 4/6 or 66.67 percent of teams made the playoffs.

with a league so small there has to be a relatively largish number of playoff berths available.

obviously if this was a 30 (or 32? lol) team league 75% playoff admission would be ridiculous. but having three rounds is better for business in the CFL, more games, more TV time, more commercials sold, more home dates, more tickets sold = all good things.

(for the record i think the NFL and MLB should expand their amount of playoff berths. from four each division to six or eight. make the playoffs less of a crapshoot and more grueling.)

i hate edits...

If it's all about money, why not have all 8 temas then. It's really ridiculous though, having 3 teams per division, AND a bye-week. Just have the top 2 to make it better IMO. At this rate, we could see 75% of a division qualify for the playoffs after say 12 games.

that could be the case, and the #1 seed for each division is usually decided by about the 12th week or so..... however, the second, third and fourth are usually in limbo until the last or second last weeks of the season.

just like last year with edmonton... or the year before with hamilton and ottawa (we didn't make the playoffs until the third last week)

for the record, i didn't say it was "all about the money" never once said that. 'better for business' and 'all good things' when refering to three rounds, never 'all about the money.'

the financial benefits are all plusses, but they aren't the only reasons.

also, with a ten team CFL, and hopefully eventually a 12 team CFL, 6 playoff teams won't seem like as much of a stretch.
fingers crossed for the next decade