B.S. At The Skydome

I Was At My First Regular Season Game On Saterday And While The Game Was Fantastic My Day Was Almost Ruined By A Stupid New Rule At The Building Formally Known As The Skydome. Since Ted Rodgers (Owner Of The Blue Jays) Bought The Dome He's Been Trying To Incorperate MLB Rules For All Events That Take Place In The Building. In Most Stadiums People Have, And Wave, Their Teams Flags. My Friend That I Go To The Games With Has One Of These Flags Attatched To A Hockey Stick. Now A New Rule That's Being Implamented Is Fans Can Not Bring Into The Building Anything That Could Possiblely Be Used As A Weapon, This Includes Flag Poles And Hockey Sticks. This Has Always Been A Rule For Baseball (I Knew About That Because I Use To Work There) And It Useally Doesn't Matter Cause Most Baseball Fans Are Too Old To Be Waving Flags Around Anyways. But For An Argo Game I Don't Understand Why They Have To Try To Lame It Up By Not Allowing Any Type Of Flag Pole Or Devince To Raise A Flag.

Here's The Other Rule That's More Retarded Then The No Flags Rule. In Ontario There's A Law That Prohibits Smoking In Any In Door Areas. MLB Has A Rule That There Is No Pass Outs. So I Ask You What Are You Suppose To Do If Your A Smoker? I Think That's By Far The Dumbest Pair Of Rules I've Ever Heard.

Think that's goofy? In Calgary you can smoke in the bar, but not on the bar's patio.. but if you walk a step outside the patio you can start smoking again.

Well, that's gonna screw over my plans for Fandemonium this year. Last season, my costume included a flag attached to a canoe paddle. With this "new guideline", I won't be able to wave "the aquatic equalizer" should I be short-listed again this season. I'd insult Ted Rogers and those at the Dump over this policy, but it'd be more like, "Ted Rogers can !"

whats a pass-out
Actually to me if the rule applies for one event it should apply to all. Not that I'm in favor of it but it should be all or nothing

A "pass-out" is a pass that enables you to re-enter the stadium when you have to leave to attend to something (i.e. return something to your car that stadium security attempted to confiscate), and will return within a set time period.

Before you think these ideas are a bit wacky at SkyDome (Rogers Centre) did you realize it is a target for terrorist. Yes how does a hockey stick with a flag play into this but come into the stadium security finds this a distraction of sort aslo a rifle could be wrapped in a flag. Aaslo many fights occur due to flags. Sure ruins the fun for sure. The smoking situation better get use to it restrictions will be added every year. Most stadiums now have a non smoking policy.

  1. The stupid smoking rules are the law made by the Ontraio government and apply to ALL buildings , not just the ROGERS CENTER.

  2. The flag rule is also stupid , but not the ARGOS choice.

I agree, the flag rule is stupid, but doesn't limit a fan from using a poster, where a flag can be put on, and other things.

it's suxs but if the owner says no, you have to e-mail him.

as for the smoking law, I'm a smoker, but I understand that you can't smoke at stadiums, that's just a rule you gotta deal with, unless Rogers has an bar with walls.

I'm more ticked out about the no alcohol law or tailgating.

This is the problem, KK, the new "Smoke Free Ontario" Act bans smoking from practically everywhere public: stadiums, restaurants (although I'm not clear on the jurisdiction regarding open patios), bingo halls, the works. The only true place where you probably are still allowed to light up is the privacy of your own home.

that's crap, here in Georgia it's the same, except restaurants can choose to have smoking or not by having not one under 18 in, or boxing in the bar area.

I even went to one resturant that has smoking after 11:00.

That's a pretty good rule, but no where at all is oppressive.

They used to have cordoned off “smoking rooms” in some restaurants/licenced establishments, but they had to be “well-ventilated”. However, since the last time the law was amended, those are now illegal too.

Was there a reason why they don't allow those special smoking rooms? I think that would allow patrons to smoke, and still offer some protection to waiters/waitresses from 2nd hand smoke

that alot money gone down the drain, you put up some walls (they can be glass), and create a true smoking room, you are good to go

no body in the non smoking section will be effected, unless they want to collapse, make a foll out of themselves, sue the restaurant, and get 5 minutes of fame.

after what that women did to Wendy's down here (remember the one that gave them the finger?), anything can happen.

I would imagine it would be the whole concept of 2nd hand smoke. Not just for the serving staff, but for other patrons in the restaurant as well. There has been a real push in the PSAs by the province (in conjunction with the Heart & Stroke Foundation, I think) talking about the dangers of second-hand smoke.

and I'd said it once, I'll say it again, their status are overblown.

did you that the smokin ban is now nation wide since Ontario and Quebec enacted it.....however the law doesnt apply to federal government buildings anywhere in Canada, thats right they still have smoking rooms.....and obviously first nation reserves can do as they like, you can light up in their casinos, in fact it is encouraged and draws many non-natives for that reason......real equality wouldnt you say....somebody always has to be above the law.....

So that explains why I couldn’t get a seat at any nickel slot machine at Rama. The joint is teaming with puffers. :lol: :roll:

I mean, c’mon, people have been smoking for over 400 years, and lung cancer was a rare until the 1940’s, and they blame it all on cigarettes?

are they harmful, yes, but do they kill more people than three jumbo jets chashing daily? sry, I can’t believe that.

I’ve been exposed to smoking since I was born, and I started smoking earlier than 18 on and off, I’m now 21, and I’m a pretty healthy enough that I’m not going to drop dead tonight, tomorrow, or the next 50 years.

I understand that some people are more subsitable to it, like asmatics, but just cuz they are doesn’t mean that all smokers should just give up.

the solution to the smoking is simply to stop.

whats stupid is that people today still take up smoking.

truer words have never been spoken