B. Levingston position please

On the main Argos website it says that Brashir Levingston is a CB. But once you click on the name link it says he’s a wide receiver. Can anybody confirm?


He would love to be a wide receiver, but the coaching staff refuses to give him a shot. He practiced as a corberback in training camp, but I don’t recall seeing him play that position yet in regular season action. If he can catch a pass, I think he would make a great receiver, with his speed and moves.

He played cornerback, and pretty badly, in the Montreal game last year when Pinball rested most of his starters.

I believe that technically he is a DB on the Argos roster, but will likely not see any action outside of kick returns and special teams unless the Argos really get into injury trouble.

He has appeared in games as both a DB and a WR over the past 3 years.

Punt returner is more like it but with Baker sitting this week who knows he might get a shot

I don’t know what he is right now, but at the end of the year, he’ll be a has been. Arland will take over his job. The Argos need to create some room, in a cap they already cheat, and having a guy just for kick and punt returns is just stupid. Bye-Bye Bashir.