B. J. Williams

Est-ce que c'est moi qui a manqué quelque chose ou est-ce que les Alouettes viennent d'ajouter en douce un ailier défensif à leur collection?

Notre ami Richard l`avait deja mentione. Williams etait brievement sur notre "practice roster" la saison derniere.

Il y aura certainement de la competion sur la ligne defensive. Herb dans le Gazette a meme mentione dernierement que Popp et McIlveen ont parle recemment.

Re: Mark Restelli
by RichardVeilleux » Wed Feb 22, 2012 4:27 pm

The Als have added 2 import players to their off-season roster; they are:
Wopamo Osaisi,DB,6.0,195 and 25 years old. He dressed for a few games,with Edmonton,last season.
B.J.Williams,DE,6.3,250 and 23 years old.

We are now at 77 players,i.e. 47 imports and 30 non-imports.

Walter Spencer is a free agent;explains why he is not on roster/group; same for Jermaine McElveen.

Merci de l'éclaircissement!

Oui, beaucoup de compétition. Dire que certains croient que Baggs s'amenera ici, je suis pas certain que ça lui tente vraiment.

Tant mieux !

Would be nice to get Mcelveen back. He would probably come much cheaper than Baggs. Seems like Anderson has made peace with the Als now it would nice if Mcelveen can do also!

Popp said free-agent defensive-lineman Jermaine McElveen has called, and the two had a “good talk,? but no new contract has been signed.

Read more: http://www.montrealgazette.com/sports/S ... z1piKsPboF

Looks like other teams aren't exactly beating down the door for McElveen's services, and with the talent we've stockpiled at d-linemen, I'd be surprised to see Jermaine back.

Well, considering the fiasco last season with our DBs on the IRL, our D-linemen were under great pressure to stop the run and harass opposing QBs. This was a tall task for any front 4!

We have all mentioned, at some point, that the pressure off the ends or up the middle simply couldn't get the job done. We seem to have some promising players either under contract or coming to TC. Promise, however, is only fulfilled with execution on the field of play. Popp & co. certainly know where the deficiences were, so let's hope the guys left standing for the season can get the job done.