B & G Game today

Does anyone have any updates? Who looks good so far, did anyone stand out? Did anyone separate themselves from the pack?

Any injuries? knock on wood

and finally.... were more or less points scored than the 40 that got put up last year?

I just got back from the black and gold game.

Some of my observations (for what they're worth):

-the only receivers who made plays were Flick, Cavil, Yeast and Gardiner. The first two really stood out. And frankly, every other receiver looked invisible. Whether or not that is the secondary playing great or the receivers underperforming, only the Ticat coaches know for sure.

-Eakin played well, showing he can command the offence, get first downs and connect on the long bomb (his long rocket pass to Flick on the first play of scrimage was impressive).

-Josten, who unfortunately looks to be in over his head, rarely completed a pass, and would have been sacked multiple times had the referees not whistled the play dead before he could get hit.

-Richie Williams completed many passes for short gains, and didn't make any major mistakes.

-The Ticat pass rush looks very good, and our O-Line needs A LOT of work. Defensive ends routinely made it into the Ticat backfield, putting pressure on Josten especially. This is probably attributable to the fact that our O-Line featured different combinations of rookies half the time. Nevertheless, in terms of pursuing the QB, Cheatwood in particular looked very good.

-The linebacking corps seemed to do a good job stopping the run. RB's Davis, Aidoo, Lezi and Mullings were given lots of reps with the rock, and none of them broke a long one.

-Boreham made most of his field goals, including a boomer from mid-field. Fleming's punts, with the exception of one shank, consistently beat Boreham's punts in terms of hangtime.

-The new field at Mac looks great, it was a beautiful day, and there was a good showing of fan support.

Boreham made from 57 - That was mighty impressive.

Have to Agree

I Think Kojo & Rookie QB Patrick Josten
Will be Cut Soon


I agree with the assessment that was given out on the game today however I don't see Kojo going anywhere.

he is a great special teams player for what its worth.

told ya'll, cavil will be a starter!

everyone here keeps ignoring, or overlooking him.

aido wont be leaving anytime soon

Kojo had the most carries of all the running backs.

He was a "human bulldozer."

He took advantage of his opportunity
by smashing through a wall of tacklers
for 5 -7 yds many times.

and he ripped off 2 long gains, with his knees pumping high
and deeking out several tacklers along the way like he did at Mc Master.

QB Pat Josten played behind
the least experienced O-linemen
that we have at Training Camp.

and played against our 1st string
D-line for many of the reps he got.

He was running for his life.

He ran the plays that he could well.
He wasn't badly rattled by the pressure.

He had little time to execute passing plays.

I do believe he connected on a few passes.

Just my opinion but receivers I don't think are going to make it is Either Iain Fleming or Davon Fowlkes are the two I am on the fence about but I think Steve Savoy, Willie Quinnie are for sure outta here in my opinion I think Dondre Gilliam has been good in camp but someone has to go and I have a feeling he could maybe be the 4th if either Iain Fleming or DaVon Fowlkes make the roster. It is also possible that one might be put on the practice roster but those are the names I consider to be the guys who are questionable.

Many fair and objective assessments here. Some random thoughts of my own ...

Cavil, Aidoo, FR-Eakin, and DJ STOOD OUT the most, in my opinion, on the offense today.

Would like to have seen more of Anthony Davis today - he looks strong and fast ... Gilles looks sturdy, but a little slow.

Richie Williams is a keeper, and mitigating circumstances NOT WITHSTANDING - Josten is simply the fourth best QB in camp.

I honestly can't say I have an opinion on Les Mullings because I did not notice him today.

MR. OBVIOUS says the WR and SB positions are the deepest and toughest to call on the team ... the ONLY sure KEEPERS I see are Flick, Peterson, Cavil, Ralph, Yeast, and Vaughn.

Special team performance, team politics, and a little luck will determiine the fates of the other WR's ... a case could be made for anyone of them to be cut or be kept.

Other odds and ends ... Tay Cody has a MEANSTREAK of his own, which he displayed on a nice hit he laid on Cavil ... it wasn't so much the intensity of the hit (which popped the ball loose) - but how much he ENJOYED it ! I just wish he would save it for the opponents.

Overall, the team looks to have a solid foundation in place from which to build.


Love that Tay Cody, still smilin after watching that hit he had against Ottawa that spun their receiver around in mid air (i got to see it from the 'hall of fame' box from some tickets i won. and it was all the more better.)

I think Cody is Most Improved DB
The Hard Work in the Off season is Showing :slight_smile:

I thought that DB who layed that spinning hit against Ottawa was Kornegay? corrcet me if im wrong?

fairly sure it was cody, however i beleive kornegay may have got an INT that game...

i remember that game and the DB was Kornegay

Well, many informative posts have been made after that game. It appears that Cavil, Eakin, Flick, Davis, and Aidoo (to name a few) got people’s attnetion with good play. But it looks like Tay Cody was looking to steal the show. Imagine what he’ll be like against actual opponents. And I don’t think our caretaker has named a favourite player yet. That could change.

Also, if Patrick Josten had an all-rookie offensive line in front of him, it might not matter. The coaching staff might have already decided that Williams was the better quarterback. And they would not have changed their minds unless Josten performed well with the offensive line he had. But from what I’m hearing about Williams, we might have the best depth at quarterback we’ve had in a long time.

It will be an interesting week as the final spots are solidified. I am really forward to the next couple of days. So far two of my pics for receiving were correct. Gilliam and Savoy were cut. Kinda of sad to see Gilliam go but as it has been said so much depth at a lot of positions this year so sadly some people have to go.