B.C's fight song

Now im am a big fan of the lions but i think there fight song is a little bit on the fairy side, its not man enough

The song is a classic. Have you seen how many people sing along when they play it at the games.

That song is from the 50's. Needs some updating

Agree with Dan.......our song is a classic and has a long history with the club. Takes those of us with a really long association as Lions fans back to the glory days of Empire Stadium.
It's easy to learn, everyone at the games sings it loud and clear; 'tain't always necessary to "update" to make it better....sometimes old IS better than new!

its fine

yeah, you don't mess with "tradition". That song brings back fond memories for those of us longtime fans. And it's an insult to want to mess with it.

The song is amazing, and they did a "new" version of it about 2 years ago and it was horrable. Why mess on a classic, teams are defined by there history.

Don't mess with tradition. That song is catchy, easy for kids to learn and is popular with the fans. "New" does not equate to "better."

NO.... I know every word to it, lets keep everything the same.

Don't mess with the song! Dal Richard's classic should live on forever. I know every word, and I am not a Lion's Fan. It's a Lion tradition.. :smiley:

The Leos have a fight song?

yah Roar you Lions Roar, It's a classic that will be around for many years

I think the song needs to be fixed up a bit... not completely overhauled but just made a little less sissy. They could keep it a marching band sound but make it a bit more energetic and powerful. Less flutes and bells; more drums, trombones and tubas.