B.C...What IS going on?...

WOW....no fight....no whirl...nothing...

pathetic effort. 1 good drive and that's all. Inconsistent QB once again but that defence is brutal. Even the crappy Argos should have won last week and now this? 3-5 with the bye week coming up and t hen some tough games against Montreal and Calgary. This season is over unless they get some good guys from NFL cuts.

How do you give up 300+ yards of rushing offense in a single game? That's just absurd. :oops: :oops:

Well, they were saying tonight that Stephan Logan could be coming back... but I don't really see how that helps you guys. You guys need serious help on defence.

You get manhandled at the line of scrimmage. Rita McNeil would have had 100 yards rushing tonight with those holes.

The sad part is that they switched back to a three-linebacker set midway through the game and it didn't make a damn bit of difference. Reid and Bernard ran through them like they weren't even there.

Bernard was a force at FB, he blew up every LB that stepped into the gap, this kid is gold.

...he sure lays on some nice hits everywhere on the turf.....something special is this guy... :rockin: :rockin:

Reid: 26 carries, 260 yards
Bernard: 11 carries, 112 yards
Bishop: 3 carries, 8 yards
Ralph: 2 carries, 13 yards

Check that, 393 yards rushing, that has got to be some kind of record ?

Nope not the record, but it's up there and EMBARRASSING for BC.

Sorry for being a butt, but after Winnipeg's embarrassment's it's fun to to have another team suffer.

...yeah i agree....we were getting our nose rubbed in it pretty good.....Wally will get a little something along the lines of what we have experienced....but he'll turn it around.... methinks he better start with his d.. :wink:

That BC defence is really looking substandard. . .

Someone remind me again, why was Toronto interested in Benavides as a head coach???

I picked Winnipeg to win this game but I was absolutely disgusted with the way the Lions lost. I've been a diehard Lions fan for over 20 years and that was ridiculous. Lions are not that good of a team but I didn't think that bad. Lions looked so disinterested in the game like they were gonna win it in a cake walk. Full credit to the Bombers for a good game plan and of course Bishop had to play well. I was hoping Reid was gonna break the CFL record because Lions deserved everything they got. Hopefully the Lions will learn from this game.

I knew the Lions were in trouble when JJ got that first TD because he usually doesn't do well after that. I don't know what the announcers were talking about when they said JJ didn't play that bad. He was so predictable with all that passing early and not establishing Mallett.

I still have faith in Lions and it's just one game but I think the Lions will be lucky to crossover to the East because I can't see them getting out of the West basement. I have been proven wrong before but I'm not holding my breath. Hopefully the bye week will recharge the Lions and I'll be heading in for the Lions/Als game the following week and I sure as hell don't hope I gotta witness another game like that.

It wasn't JJ that was the problem. He, the backs, and the receivers did their jobs. it was the coaching, bad game plan, bad calls, and no adjustments during the game. The D, well, they might as well have stayed home. They played with no passion at all. I listened to one of the D players prior to the game, and the way he was talking, I didn't sense any passion, any desire at all, and that got me worried an hour before the game even started. I told my wife that stopping Reid was the key for the Leos, I knew he was good before. Even the 1040 announcers were saying that Bishop, with a good game, could dominate, but they completely ignored Reid's play. I thought, and told my wife, that they were wrong, that Reid was who the Leos needed to watch, the Bomber running game in general...and I was right. Their passing game wasn't all there, it wasn't bad, but if they'd had to rely on the passing game, they probably would have lost. Bishop's play, for runs, was not important.

Our O-line, the coaching, and our entire D were at fault for the loss.

Unfortunately for BC, it doesnt look like Stefan Logan will be cut soon. He had a dominating game tonight on kick returns. Averaging 39/yards on kickoff returns and 12 yards on punt returns....over 200 yards overall. Earlier this week he was interviewed on Team 1040 and it sounded like he wasnt going to make the Steelers as they have him playing receiver but after tonights performance, he is going to stick around for sure as their returner unless he screws up the next few games. cross fingers lol.

Not like he can stop the run but at least he would have helped the offense stay on the field!

Give some credit though to the Bombers, those guys "brought it" and well sometimes you just can't beat a team that has an excellent game like that.

There is no excuse for giving up 300+ yards of rushing in a single game. That is abominable. Yes, Winnipeg has an excellent rushing attack, but the Lions couldn't tackle all night and the RB was into the secondary on virtually every single running play. That's not normal.

Time for some house cleaning... :oops:

I went to the game on Friday and boy was the BC defence really really bad (no effort at all). It started off okay for B.C. then went downhill from there. Way way to easy for the Bombers on the run. I'll give credit to the bombers and Fred Reid (very good player) but B.C. also made them look like grey cup contenders. Those new guys on defence have to be replaced as they are not good enough to play in the CFL. If you are not going to show up and do your job then you should be cut and that includes any veterans as well. This affects the whole team when players don't show up and are just there for the pay cheque. Noticed some poor tackling by bc as well... what an embarrassment. Lot of unhappy fans. (Mr. Braley take note). Maybe the players have tuned out buono who knows? He is a good coach but I think he brought in some players who should not be on the team.

No heart at all.

I was ashamed to be a Lions fan on Friday night. There is absolutely no excuse for the pathetic performance of our defense. I've watched the CFL for 34 years, and I don't think I've ever seen such a collapse of the ground defense.

Wally has got to make some changes or he will be on the chopping block. I hate to say it, because I still believe he is the best coach in the CFL, but the fact is Braley will not stand for these kind of losses for long. It's one thing to lose a close game but when you are blown out at home repeatedly, and the team looks like it has given up after the first quarter, well it won't fly with him. It's starting to show in attendance figures too. It was a cloudy day here on Friday, perfect for going to the game, and we barely broke 27,000.