gunna b the best season opener…n i rlly have a gud feeling bout this 1, i think well walk way wit the win… wut u guys think?

I think you should learn how to spell…

BC will take it

wat are u man some kind of f****** nerd… “learn how to spell” jeeze shut the hell up, looks like u got 2 much sand up ur vagina

:? Yeah, Okay fella. :roll:

lolz… :lol:

This is a forum…not a chatroom.

Be nice! 8)

bc will win

yea b.c will pry win but im trying to b positive losing the first game always sux.


im with yea man…dont nobody talk trash bout the argos

If you put it that way…I feel sorry for you now :frowning:…but then again, we loss the grey cup against your team last year…

I think the Argos have a good shot at the W on opening day. Hopefully the offence will get things going a little better than in the preseason games. There’s a lot of weapons out there. No worries on the D though.


p.s. vowels are free to use on the internet…give 'em a try

Unlike the GC, the best team will win this time, and it won’t be close.

The ARGOS beat both Montreal and B.C. to win the CUP…and it wasn’t even that close of a game. :roll:

The ARGOS have ALL of their WINNING team back…and they with be at home in front of 35,000++++ fans…

The right team won…when it counted.

Everything else is just sour grapes. :wink:

No sour grapes, but it’s a new season and the Lions are more motivated than ever to win the Cup. They won’t take the Argos lightly this time.

ye i no wut u mean… cuz they took them lightly in the dam grey cup eh? but this time their going to try to beat us!!!

no team ever takes another team lightly in the championsip final… in any sports… were the cfl champs and until you beat us u have no rite talkin down to the argos

:lol: :lol: :lol: good 1 :D

Don’t worry, we’ll make 'em look silly. No one wins in our house! :slight_smile:

No gloating here. I just want to credit the Argos for a well-played, hard-hitting game. I thought they outplayed the Lions on the offensive and defensive lines and at linebacker. Damon Allen also looked as sharp as he did in the Grey Cup. If not for a lot of dropped balls by Argo receivers, the outcome could have been different. See you July 15 in our house.

(BTW, start complaining now to the TV networks. That one isn’t scheduled to be televised.)

Thank you for that…it shows allot of class…Dickenson looked real good and B.C. DESERVED TO WIN… tonight.

It was a great game…worthy of a great GREY CUP. :smiley:

I just check TSNs and CBCs websites and you are right. I can’t believe there is an Argo and a Lion game not televised. Every game of my Eskimos is televised this this year :smiley: so I just assumed that every game was televised.
hum suckes to be you guys