B.C. vs. Hamilton - predictions

Time for the Leos to bust out. After 3 not pretty wins it’s time for a blow - out. B.C. 42 Ham. 12
Next victim for B.C. - The stinkin Calgary Stumpeders

I'd love it if my favoite in the East won, but I'm going to have to predict that the leos will win this one.

go cats go, ticats that is, time for another upset, you will have to get pressure on DD to have any shot at this one.

We have to keep our unbeaten streak alive...but i do feel sorry for the ti-cats :frowning:

shouldnt be too hard to get pressure on him with thier oline, look what ottawa did against them.

Going to the game tonight...if I can crawl oof the boat and into a car...and into the stands...got the perfect strategy...go right at kick-off, buy cheapie's from the scalpers...and sit in the sun and chat so much with the group that you don't even know the score...it's the summer of Moses...


Yeh, but hamilton has lost their rush from last season and if you blitz him he is going to burn you eventually.

I think the Lions should win but no team loses every game in the CFL. Look at Wpg last night over Montreal.

Tonights the night! The Lions haven't looked Super strong against anybody this year. And Dave isn't that good. Tonight, the Lions fall to a new king of the jungle!

No...the Leos ARE that strong...they won't lose tonight...sadly...

We'll see, that's why they play the games eh?

True dat...and I'll be there...roasting...and poaching my liver....

BC couldn't beat Calgary last year to save their life :wink:

Who's playing again?

Bc's O-line wont be able to block again, DD will get sacked 28 times and Printers will come in.. FINALLY! but then that even weaker than my beloved Esks oline will allow another 30 sacks and then.. umm. other qb will come in, before long BC has there 4th string cornerback at the qb position and then pull someone from the crowd who goes on to score 4 td's but that isnt enough. Ti Cats 60 BC 28. Jesus told me in a dream.

Go ol' Jesus, is there anything she can't do?

Earlier this week, on another thread I picked the 'Cats, so I guess I better stick with them. I knew at least one winless team would have to get one this week. I may have picked the wrong one, but maybe its possible that Hamilton can copy Winnipeg’s success.

B.C. , in a Landslide.

I wouldn't say BC by a landslide. That outcome is more real though but in the CFL, anything can happen. Hamilton just may suprise us as Winnipeg suprised Montreal. The odds are were in Montreal's favour yet Winnipeg suprised even the odd makers. So even though a team looks guarenteed to sweep, it could go in Hamilton's way. So don't count your chickens before they hatch.