B.C. vs Calgary- could someone explain

  1. Could someone explain why on earth Wally would have Whyte try to punt the ball from 10 yards back in his own end zone. Whyte has proven he can punt, and punt well. But even a 50 yarder would put the ball at B.C.'s 40 yard line with no return. A five yard run back and Calgary is almost guaranteed a field goal.

Why not give up the 2 point safety and kick it off. Kicking it off from their own 35 would at least would put the ball in Calgary's half of the field. A few plays after the punt and Calgary scored a major. :?

  1. Why did Smart try to run the ball out of the end zone? A brain cramp? Was he told to? Why not give up a single and get decent field position from the 35 or would have been the 25? No matter. They end up on their own 9.

  2. Calgary sends only a 3 man rush and our QB gets sacked on our own one yard line? What is that all about?

We came off a stellar game against Edmonton, had a week to prepare for Calgary and Calgary ends up owning us. And without Lewis and Rambo!

I was at the game tonight. B.C. stunk...absolutely stunk- except Whyte of course. This was a team effort. Yeppers. A real team effort. Fans were pouring out with still 3 minutes left. With only 3 minutes left in the 3rd quarter for goodness sake!

Tonight's loss came close to B.C.'s worse home loss on record.

My biggest disappointment came near the end of the game when Calgary's QB too a knee twice to give the ball back to B.C. I would dearly loved to have seen Cagary go for one more td or at least a field goal to get over 50 points.

Wake up B.C. almost a quarter of the season is over and Hamilton cannot wait to get their paws all over you next week.

Nothing more to explain, you have done a good job of that! That was a real dismal performance to say the least. Ian Smart's better playing days have come and gone. I would rather see Tyler Ebell in there returning the kicks.

Man ... that was ugly.

Dominated in every area of the game. A lot of soul searching over the next few days by the players and the coaches.

It appears that letting Kelly Bates go wasn't the best decision Wally ever made. Our QBs don't stand a chance if they don't get consistant protection. We also need to bring Ebell back as a returner, Smart's days should be numbered. I have been a Lion's fan for fifty years and I have seen some bad seasons but this is really hard to swallow. :cry:

We don't miss Kelly Bates.

We miss Rob Murphy. A guy that can actually PLAY the left tackle and bring some emotion and edge to the team.

It begins at the top. :thdn:

We badly lost the battles in the trenches on both sides of the ball. Very badly. And things only got worse from there. I stayed til the end but it was painful.

This game was the worst game I have ever seen and I have been watching CFL for 44 years. However, I would like to point out that there were a few players who still tryed hard out there on the field tonight...
Sean Whyte, Martell Mallet, Javy Glatt, Paris Jackson, Dante Marsh and still lookin' good Jamie Taras!

Agreed Lifetimefan. It is not that there were not a few bright spots in the game. But 48 points against is a whopping total and it could have been worse if Calgary had Rambo and Lewis playing. That's the scary part.

In my opinion there was no reason for Whyte to punt the ball from 10 yards deep in his end zone. That was a bonehead play. And then Smart trying to run the ball out of his end zone. That was another dumb play. Maybe he thought he could run it all the way back. Smart played hard and always ran his best. Sure he fumbled on one earlier play. But who hasn't? So did Jackson- and deep in our own end! But Smart needs to play smarter.

While these decisions in themselves may not have been game breakers I think they contributed significantly to field position. Calgary was forever starting their scrimmages from inside or very close to mid-field. B.C. was lucky if they started from their own 30!

It's odd because the game started innocently enough. Both Burris and Pierce were struggling and B.C. was actually up 7-4 at one point and keeping Calgary in check. It was not a lack of playing hard. But why did the wheels fall off? Discouragement? Did Calgary get in the Lions' head?

It would be interesting to know if the Lions' as a team were beginning to get on each others' nerves with missed assignments, sloppy tackling and so on.

Maybe what it comes down to is Calgary is just that much better than B.C.

Let's remember that Calgary went in with a 1-2 record just like B.C. Calgary has set the bar for B.C. now. The question is, can B.C. clear the bar in time for the playoffs?

Wally is just to loyal to his assistant coaches. Offensive line has been weak for years leading to QB's getting slaughtered. Opposition can read our anemic plays and Wally gutted the heart and leadership with to many veteran cuts. I won't be back with to watch the same mistakes made year after year. Wally to fix this mess look in the mirror. :thdn:

I agree that they should have given up the safety, but they would then kickoff from the 25 yard line, not the 35 yard line. The 10 yards and the fact that the Lions kick coverage team isn't that good probably influenced his decision.

I would have Punted too since your giving up 2 points and you kick off from YOUR 25 yard . your still giving the other team good field position at least with a punt you may get a good bounce and in the dome on a hot night the ball does travel farther.
Hard to question Wally on this . that punt was not the reason the Lions lost .

I agree oilrocker that that particular punt did not result in the loss but it sure contributed to it. Calgary scored a TD and would have had at least a field goal if they didn't score the TD.

No way they should have punted. When Whyte is kicking off from his 35 after a td, field goal or whatever, he's able to put it down to the opposition's 25 and 20 yard line. If he had to kick it off from the 25, with good field coverage Calgary would have been pinned somewhere around their own 30-35. Sure, they could run it back into B.C. but B.C. also risked a no yards on the punt return or worse a blocked punt in the end zone!

It's all hindsight but I'd much rather have given up the 2 points, let Whyte kick off from the 25 and take our chances.

But with the way things were going for B.C. it might have not mattered what B.C. did.

Wally and I were going to be having lunch this week. I cancelled. He knows why! lol