B.C. Versus Calgary On Television

I Live In Vancouver And I Could Care Less About The canucks. I'll Be Watching The LIONS Beat Calgary!

aint about who wins. its about checking out the possible season roster and new talent.

and its Could NOT care less about the Canucks

and the Canucks probably could not care less about you too. :wink:

Go Canucks.

Screw You Mr. Know Nothing!

I'll Write The Way I Want And It's ALWAYS About WINNING!

Safe To Say NOBODY Cares About YOU! :wink:

"GO BRUINS" :thup:

[b]Quite frankly I couldn’t care less whether some of you guys couldn’t care less or could care less. I care about only one thing now… THE BEE CEE LIONS!! If I see another hockey puck, hockey stick, Canucks logo I’ll shoot myself!


We must be slipping here... 2 days and not one post saying something like...

Went to the Canucks game and had a riot of a time.

I'm proud that Lions fans aren't a bunch of angry children when we don't win.

YoEleven~ You surely are not suggesting that the riot was caused by a bunch of Canucks hockey fans. Please tell me you do not believe that.

I do.
Did no one else see drunken morons in JERSEYS smashing windows et al? Yes it may have been stirred up by these mysterious 'anarchists', but fans were all to eager to either join in or stick around taking pictures of themselves and their friends in front of burning debris. I'm not saying every single Canuck fan is guilty, but certainly the ones who hung around were no matter what role they played.
If the innocent simply went home then the police would have had an easy time rounding up the 100 or so losers wanting to loot stores. And don't believe the 'skytrain wasnt running' excuse; I had friends and family both at the game and watching on Georgia street who had no trouble getting out after.

YoEleven, I couldn’t agree more. I laugh when I hear Canucks players and read PR issued statements stating that these weren’t Canucks fans (as if all Canucks fans are cappuccino sipping lawyers from Yaletown, and a mysterious group of 2,000 “anarchists” were dropped from the sky). Sorry, but w’hen you’re mantra is “We Are All Canucks,” you’d better be prepared to count thugs, drunks, criminals, and **** disturbers among your fan base.

If the Aquilini family had done the right thing and cut a big fat check from this playoff windfall for policing, security, and crowd control (at a public event to watch THEIR team), this mess would likely never have taken place.

Hold it there Orange, You really think its all Aquillini's fault for not writing a cheque for more policing ? Where was the Mayor? Don't you think he doesn't have any responsibilities for his actions for doing absoultely nothing as in preparation for such actions? What the 94 riot was a one shot deal!
Yes I agree there are some Canucks fans out there that were doing some damages but at the same time some of those people that were arrested were the same people that caused the riot last year and some of those people are from out of town.

Extra policing would have been tough due to Vancouver's "all hands on deck" for the night - meaning no officers had the night off. However had the Aquillini's cut a check for private security personnel to provide a visual presence in the area it's possible none of this might have happened. Not to mention such a gesture would have been a classy move from an owner who's bills were all paid months ago and every home game thereafter was pure profit.

The whole riot, and aftermath, and upcoming legal actions are definitely a blight on our fair city's image. We should also hope there will be no more public shaming of rioters, simply justice. The family of the "water polo" player certainly didnt deserve threats against them.