B.C @ SASK. your CFL game of the week?

O.K. , there is no right answer but I would say that the battle for first place in the WEST would be
B.C. @ SASK.

That would be my choice for CFL game of week 3.

What would be your choice?

Calgary @ Montreal could be great... or it could be a battle of the backups, which I guess could also be great (or horrible).

Toronto @ Hamilton should be interesting as both teams are competitive now. I think this one will be GOTY.

BC @ Saskatchewan should be good.

Winnipeg @ Edmonton looks to be another coma inducing puntfest.

Your last comment was a hoot :lol:

Toronto @ Hamilton should be good , too.

i think it is good timing for these lineups, and should result in good games.

BC Vs SK...battle for 1st / 1st loss. BC struggled a bit early last week, looked good the previous week. The Riders were explosive, then off.

Calgary Vs Montreal...We know it will be Glenn...This is not a divisional game, so Montreal may be more prompted to not start AC...though a little revenge has to be on their minds after the embarrassment.

Bombers vs Esks...Esks have not moved the ball, did the Bombers solve some things last week getting some production? 2 pretty solid Ds. Esks need the win to tie for 2nd, bombers simply need a win.

Toronto @ Hamilton...IMO likely will be the game of the week. 2 teams coming into their stride...

I think the Toronto vs Hamilton game is going to be a disappointment…

The most disappointing game this week will be the Bombers/Eskimos... there should be an over/under of 10pts for both teams...

If Rider oO shows up, this game could be it. I suspect TO vs Hamilton. I've noticed those teams don't like each other.

May I ask why?

Now Anthony says that he is starting for the ALS. I think that is a mistake. Let him heal and I don't think that he will be at 100%

I don’t know if it’ll be the best game, but it’ll certainly be the most heated as both teams and their fans hate each other. :o I’m an Edmonton fan, but even I might fall asleep during the Esks/Bombers game. My prediction is this games draws under 500,000 viewers.

well, I know I will be one of them, from beginning to end.

Well, at best it might be a Madjack-style defensive battle, instead of just a yawner of offensive incompetence.

Of course, this is the CFL. Now that we’re all agreed about the potentials of this game, it will probably turn out 43-40 Winnipeg in overtime.

You never really know. Another reason to love the CFL. :thup:

It is going to be hard topping that Calgary @ Montreal game , right out of the gate. :thup:

I think B.C. is going to obliterate Saskatchewan.

The best game will clearly be Hamilton/Toronto. Will probably be 70 pts.+ scored, and coming down to the last play of the game...

Today's CFL double header on TSN should be excellent.

B.C. @ SASK. [the early game and the battle for first place in the West] and then TORONTO @ HAMILTON [the later game and the battle of , Ontario] :rockin:

In week one they said the Ticats were going to obliterate Saskatchewan. And they were wrong.
In week two they said the Eskies were going to obliterate Saskatchewan. And they were wrong.
In week three they said the Lions were going to obliterate Saskatchewan. And they will be wrong.

Who said Edmonton would obliterate Saskatchewan? Pretty sure most Sask fans were predicting a Rider blowout because of Edmonton's weak offence against Toronto. :wink:

These afternoon games lick!


Looks like Saskatchewan is getting a new home, nice. :thup:

Deal signed for new stadium in Regina by 2017

[url=http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/story/2012/07/14/sk-football-stadium-plan-120714.html]http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatche ... 20714.html[/url]