B.C. rubs salt in Stamps' wounds

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If the B.C. Lions were sending a message, the Calgary Stampeders received it loud and clear.

The Lions not only won last night, they stepped on the Stampeders' throats during a 39-13 embarrassment at B.C. Place.

Leading 33-6 with less than 11 minutes remaining, the Lions tried a short kickoff, recovered by Korey Banks, although couldn't convert the turnover into points.

After scoring a TD on a 23-yard Ryan Phillips interception one series later, leading 39-6, the Lions tried but failed on a two-point convert.

"We'll put that in the memory banks," said Stamps tackle Randy Chevrier. "If they're going to try that when the game is out of hand, I don't know what they've got planned when the game is tight. They'll need those plays.

"I don't know what kind of message they were sending. Did they want to send a message by running stupid trick plays when the game's out of hand? That's fine."

Veteran o-lineman Jay McNeil said the Lions' attempt to run up the score escalated to an already frustrating night.

"It adds onto the fact we got the crap kicked out of us," McNeil said.

"At that point in the night, getting angry ... It was just the way our night went."

Stamps head coach Tom Higgins said the attempt to run up the score wasn't a surprise to him.

"It's a 60-minute football game and they can do anything they want at any time."

Lions receiver Geroy Simon had a sensational night with eight catches for 120 yards and one TD. He had a verbal war with Stampeders receivers Nik Lewis and Jeremaine Copeland all week.

"We can talk just as good as anybody but if you're going to talk, you better be able to back it up and we can," Simon said.

"Look at the scoreboard, that's all I have to say."

The BC Lions and fans have every right to send the message out! If it were on the other foot expect the very same.

....i thought i saw Higgins give Wally the one finger salute after that one.... :lol: :lol:

I don't think the 2 point convert was called. It was a high snap and Simon didn't think he could get it down in time so he took off with the ball

What does it matter? The Lions did what was right, they showed respect by NOT holding back.

I agree. This is football and every point counts. I also chalk it up to all the trash talk during the week(that both teams did)

In Calgary's case. If you do it! Dont cry when it comes back and bites you in the ass!

....lb is correct, Simon couldn't get the ball down and set up in time so instinct took over....good heads up play by a talented player....

"This is football and every point counts"

For what Ro???

Personally i think it was a dumb move on their part and i couldnt be more happy.

...just a question about this game at its conclusion...i noticed that Jurious Jackson threw one of those patented passes that opened up Simon to take one of those hellacious hits Milt Stegall takes all the time....and Geroy didn't look to healthy after that hit ... limped off the field...Why would Wally leave an MVP like Simon in the game to risk injury ...when he knew he had it won....?????? just some of the things that Buono does that make me wonder :roll: .... :roll:////??

It is hardly a stretch to think that Simon would want to stay in the game as he approaches the 2000 yard mark and a shot at being the all-time, single season, leading receiver. If Buono pulls him early every game, what do you think Simon would think about that?

You are not the only one wondering at some of the things Wally does. So are all of the other coaches in the league since Buono is second in career wins and consistently develops quality quarterbacks and competitive teams.

Wally had an answer for those whining about the alleged "running up of the score" -
" It is my job to kick your ass ."
I knew there had to be a good explanation. :lol:

Throughout the history of sports, it has been said that if you don't like the score being run up on you, then do something to prevent it. When two rival teams are going head to head, and Calgary has been talking since before the season began about taking first place in the West, who can legitimately blame Wally Buono for sending a strong message about who the class of the West really is? Personally, I'd be more ticked off and embarrassed as a stamps fan, if BC had decided to call off the dogs, and "play soft" against my team long before the final whistle. BC was already playing with their backup QB. I guess they could have sent their 4th string QB in to do nothing but take a knee for the entire 4th quarter, and still win the game, but the last thing I'd want to do this close to the playoffs, is to diminish my teams killer instinct. If the stamps don't want to be equally humiliated on home turf next weekend, here's an idea... play better.

...how many more yds. would have Geroy got at that point in the game....i think the cosideration for the health of the player and good of the team should have been more paramount....but heh....i'm not Wally.... :wink:

I'm not knocking your point Papa, it's a good one. On the other hand, Stegal proved that it only takes one play with 1 second remaining to add 100 yards to your total.