B.C. releases Ebell

Looks like the Lions have released Tyler Ebell. Do we grab him, or do we stick with what we have?


I say stick with what we have. Why did BC release him anyway? he had limited time against Calgary and when he did get the Ball he didn't look that bad , I wonder if he has other issues?

I thought they released him because Ian Smart came back. I could be wrong...

I thought that to, but to invest that time in a player then just release him doesn't make sence why not move him to the practise roster.

Now BC just signed AJ Harris and Jowan Armour things may be very interesting in Leo land.

^^ Which pretty much blows my earlier comment all to hell. I'm not sure what's going on in Vancouver.

Ian Smart has just undergone reconstructive knee Surgery , I think he's gone for the year . I know they just signed Harris, but who are they going to use for kick and punt returns .

Weren't they using Ebell for that? I guess that'll be Harris' new job...

All seems very confusing in Wally World , but who are we to judge the guys won as a Player and Coach, he must have some long term plan that is going to hurt this team on a short term .