B.C. Place Stadium - come join the Lions experience

The CFL is alive and well in B.C, and what a fantastic display of efford by all the Lion management once again.

Last night I attended another B.C Lions game, it's my 3rd game of the season, and it seems to get better and better.

Bob Ackles has done a fantastic job, and David Braley has done enough to help the entire staff of the Lions to do it's job.

It was nearly 34,000 under the dome, and it sure was a event.

This leads to the possible scenario. What if Braley goes commish on the rest of the league?

Is this a good thing? I can't see why not.

I can see this season the Lions selling out the entire dome, and revenue just increasing from that point on.

Everyone in the stadium is wearing Lion gear, and the Dome is a event more than just your usual sports game day experience.

Come to a Lions game, and enjoy the best professional sport event.