B.C. over Montreal in a WALK!!!


You heard it from this old turkey 1st. B.C. over the Als in a walk. Too much time-zone difference for those mixed up Easterners and too much pot odour in the stands for the mighty als to handle. This is why the Als have not won in lotusland since 200!!
Again, you heard it here 1st.


That should read the Als have not won in BC since 2000 not 200! :smiley: :slight_smile: :frowning:

This is going to be an interesting affair actually, need another drink, eat a pizza, sit out with the wife by the pond, and then my arse to the TV for some CFL football tongiht. :thup:

Geez, Earl, that's almost exactly what I plan to do. I have a few Corona's in the fridge, and I was thinking about going out to get a pizza... or ordering in, I haven't decided yet.

Should be an interesting game. I hope Turkey is wrong because I'd like to start the Labour Day weekend on a good note. :smiley:

I took B.C and the points. Wally doesn't get embarrassed 2 weeks in a row .

I don't know about hat, kasps. They were embarraased in B.C. in Week 4 when Calgary hammered them 48-10. Then the following week, they lost to Hamilton 30-18 on the road. Granted, they only lost by 12 points in the second game, but they did allow Cobb to rush for 167 yards and two TDs.

Still may lose,but I expect a close game. Hopefully with in 6 pts close.

No I think you were right the first time.

Hey turkey, timezone didn't seem to affect the Ticats :lol:

Are Cobourne and Armour feuding or something? I just turned my TV to TSN, and these two were on yipping about something or other. :lol:

Armour doesn't like Cobourne for some reason. I mean really doesn't like him.

Good thing as he stopped him on that 3rd down!! And #51 started the play....never heard of that guy before.

:rockin: :cowboy:

Yes indeed, this old turkey was right. The eastern Als eat too much salmon, get afraid of the west coast trees and can't find french bagels to eat on Robson street. The result is always a loss. The BC Pussycats did not play particularly well and won anyway. Montreal should just mail the 2 points instead of coming out west. To all those who picked the Als in a walk :frowning: :frowning: :oops: :oops: :oops:
West Rules
CFL rules
Rider Pride Nation Wide
Gobble Gobble :cowboy:

You were half right, turkey... The Lions won, but it wasn't in a walk. :wink:

Easy money, may retire with my 5 dollar profit !

The Als got buzzered, the ref couldn't feel the buzz from Toronto on his little device. A first in CFL history that a team loses to the buzz factor. 8)

This is one of the best threads I've seen. Thanks for the laughs guys. Nice to see Montreal look vulnerable and nice to see my faith in Wally is not wrong.
What happened to Cobourne tonight? Great game Mallett.
Go Esks Go!! Crush the Stamps! Calgary suck my ... dirty socks! :rockin:

Nothing happened to Cobourne except the Montreal play calling. He only had 2 rushes for 4 yards in the first half, so they obviously didn’t call his number enough in the first half. But by the end of the game he had 13 rushes for 93 yards. Given how Winnipeg ran the ball on BC, you have to think that Montreal out-thunk themselves into not using the ground game early in the game.

Well Earl, I guess the ref needs a bigger buzz before the game %)

Hey, BC deserves kudos all the way for the win, I'm just sort of joking with the buzz factor. But if BC out there packed that place at 55,000-60,000 every game, my guess is they get one, maybe two wins a year from the 13thman dome factor. This past game agains't the Als suggests, doesn't prove but suggests, that would be the situation.