B.C. @ Montreal game day

Let's play some football!

WTF! My feed is screwed. I've been looking at Trestman's face for 10 minutes. :thdn:


Great. TSN feed isn’t working, at least on Starchoice.

I have cable and its buggered. My Dad who has a different sat provider says its working.
At least the radio broadcast is working!

Hey, Gord Miller!

I thought Rod Black was sounding a little more verklempt than usual Friday night.

Looks like we're back now. Roger's team doesn't play until Monday night, so can't blame Roger's. 8)

Am I going to have to break out the German/English dictionary for this game? :lol:

Nice turnover! Good time for the feed to start working again.

Not the best game for Umballa so far.

I just turned the game on, and I noticed Miller was calling it with Duane Forde instead of Black. I wonder if TSN finally wised up and gave him the boot.

That would be an Hellacious firing.

Black is likely calling the game on TSN2. An interesting irony to the Blue Jays (in effect) being blacked out on a basic package today.

Damn that Toronto Sports Network. :wink:

Calvillo is growing a Juan Valdez mustache LOL!

oh yeah, there he is.

I feel like an Octopus right now. Trying to keep up with this game, my fantasy baseball team, ebay, MIA vs. ATL and the IAAF final. Harper is blitzing Ignatieff on the CTV game.

Wow some points finally, for the wrong team tho…
It would be nice if our recievers would hold onto the ball.

I'm flipping between this game and the Indy/Jax game... Indy's defence hasn't improved one iota. Looks like it'll be another season of me tearing my hair out... :roll: I'm also following my NFL Pick'Em. I'm 5-4 at the moment.

So, like, how did the officials miss that grab on Geroy? You'd have to be blind not to see it. Buddy had Geroy's sleeve for a good 15 seconds. :lol:

Guilt for that botched call last week? Dunno, it was pretty obvious.

Another productive series for the BC defense.
And finally the Lions make it count.