B.C. Looks Beatable..........Again.

Where was our weekly [Enter Opponent here] looks beatable thread this week?

i guess i'll get started with......

B.C. looks beatable, but will be very hungry and looking for some Vengeance

Garrett McIntyre is a beast at stopping the run. If he can keep Martell Malett in check that makes the game alot easier, but still difficult.

In my eyes they have gotten worse than week 2.

They won't have Tyler Ebell or Paul McCallum, but they will have Sean Whyte and Ian Smart. We can probably count out fakes on special teams, McCallum was the master of that.

You know what they say about a wounded animal.

It will be interesting, our offence needs to start strong.

we have to establish run on offence and on defence not give up the long ball and i hope we stay aggressive with the pass rush and not give bucky a comfort zone were he could do so damage.
bc is coming in here either pissed off from last week's beating or vulnerable if we can get up on them early and control the clock with our ground game (ps: nice to see terry caulley back).

i would really like to see our offence convert those long drives into TD's instead of FG's, something we haven't been able to do in the first half the last 2 games.

With the addition of several key players...to the Cats, over the past several months. I think our Cats are only a game or two away from becoming a real powerhouse in the East, in 2009.
Cinderella Story......oh yah, baby.
I think the Cats are going to blow the Lions...right out of IWS to-night.
This one will be over....before the start of the 4th quarter.
Look-out CFL....( after 5 long years ) the Cats are back. :thup:


Easy now don't put the cart before the horse. We are still missing Floyd, he is an emotional leader that played a huge role in our week 2 win over BC. Adams and Long are still nicked as well. This will not be anywhere near a blow out and not even close to a guaranteed win.

:thup: :rockin: I am a little conserned about our D without Adams and Floyd???

yeah i find it pretty ridiculous when the O drives 60 + yards only to go to the 10 or 20 and kick a flippin field goal. last week against montreal was attrocious red zone playing. That game looked very winnable

I still think our O doesn't utilize its running game efficiently though cobb is great but they hardly get him the ball same was with caulley when he was healthy. but now with bruce at SB/wr things could be bette rin the passing game. i hope atleast sees a few plays today.

I think coach Gibson said it best. The crowd is key in this game to disrupting BC's offense. Oh, we'll disrupt them all right :twisted:

yeah the crowd lol too bad its estimated at 18 000.... pretty sad when the stadium holds about 29 300 or something like that. and we wanted a hockey team we can barely show up for our football team thats been here for what almost 100 years lol..

on the bright side its a friday night so the fans that are there will prolly be drunk and loud

so not only are we on welfare, but now we're drunks too?

not everybody lol...getting drunk on a friday night doesn't mean your a drunk...

but you have to admit atleast 70% of the people old enough and or young enough to drink at a game are drunk b4 the end of the game?

also I didn't mean only in hamilton I mean any sportign even you go to anywhere you are far more likely to get drunk roudy people on a friday or saturday night as opposed to a thursday or sunday game when people have to get up at 5 am for work.
And welfare theres no denying it hamilton has the highest poverty rate in all of canada I'm a proud hamiltonian and i didnt say the welfare comment to be rude but to be factual bc thats what matters is facts and figures not feelings.

I do think we have the best fans in the cfl though.

and I'm sure you have a link ready to go to prove that statement.. correct?

Well it is millionaires night.

Sorry I couldn't find that quote I had actually read it around last xmas at my aunts work she works for the welfare office investigating fraudulent claims. but I did find some articles regarding poverty, employment and welfare in hamilton. from research I found that hamilton is actually no longer the poorest city. but actually toronto and vancouver both have higher poverty rates than hamilton. we are teh third poorest city in canada I also learnt from research we have the second highest crack cocaine use ration canada next to victoria bc and we have the highest ratio of break and enters in canada which i guess goes hand in hand with the crack cocaine. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Google is wonderful though.

[url=http://www.cfc-fcc.ca/link_docs/Hamilton%20case%20study.pdf]www.cfc-fcc.ca/link_docs/Hamilton%20case%20study.pdf[/url] http://thesil.ca/?p=1208 [url=http://www.hamiltonspectator.com/video2/Jobtracker/JOBCUTS.html]http://www.hamiltonspectator.com/video2 ... BCUTS.html[/url]