b.c lions

the b.c. lions are the worst team in the leuge eskimos :smiley: :smiley: should be that team in that position yah b.c. lions are a Fckn loser team anyone who chears for them is a fckn Fa**ot :twisted: :twisted:

having a bad day?

this is the guy from the CFL commisals where the fan that dises a team gets his ass kicked!

hmmm, it sounds like someone wants to get banned. R&W...use your magical powers to make this guy disapear

Of course he's having a bad day , his Esks just got beat by the Stamps at Commonwealth and now he's got a severe case of jealousy of the Leos. Agree he should be banned though.

Come, come now..

Where is our pity?...

I forgive you eskswingreycup05... 8)

anyone who makes a post like this then spells this bad is a Fn loser!

Ranch Ranch Ranch!

.....had complaints.....in process of going through proper channels regarding post.....

oooooo you mean all I have to do is complain about ONE particular poster???....Better get 2 eviction notice's ready jm02 :lol:

lol. . .not exactly. . .we mods don't have superpowers, you know. . .at least, not yet. . .

damnit... why hasn't the CFL taken my advice and have new users fill out an IQ test before they can post so that we can keep the intellectually deficient people like this guy from posting this kind of crap.

Actually they have.
Problem is that he scored so low they figured it had to be a computer error and let him throught.
As we all can see there was no computer error

:lol: :lol:

but that would remove half of the posters on here. Sometimes its fun to look at dumb things like this. Its kinda like going to the Zoo. Look mommy a monkey

no no... we wouldn't have to set the bar that high... just high enough that idiots like this can't get in... somewhere around 40 or so... lol

. . .it's when that monkey at the zoo starts doing unmentionable things that perhaps it needs a little slap, though. . . :smiley:

. . .believe me. . .this guy is no gentleman. . .and I'd put 40 as a high estimate of his IQ - a VERY high estimate. . .

oh yeah… it’s probably way below 40… but i’m just saying that would be a high enough limit to keep the worst of them out…

Well I Guess The Mods Won't Have To Boot Him Out On Monday After Being Verbally Picked Apart I Don't Think We'll Ever Be Seeing Another Post By This Guy, And The Two Henchmen (3rd & Ten, And RedandWhite) Didn't Even Have To Get Envolved. Sort Of Like That One Guy From Texas, Andy625, That Was Factuated With The Northwest Territories, Never Herd From Him Again.

First off are you related to RunNealonrun, maybe a little brother! In reading a few of your posts I have come to the conclusion you are just plain stupid! A total

Now do everyone a favor and