B.C Lions v.s The CFL

Now i no what your all thinking, Bomber fan posts this..gonna vote for his own team.but the thing is the Bombers have played awesome games lately, i mean Glenn playin outstanding, Roberts playing real well, Stegall playin awesome, Simpson playing awesome..the whole team is playing awesome..and i think they will compete well against the Lions..what do u think?

Sask is gonna end it tonight, sorry Winnipeg

I have to say Saskatchewan as well.

. . . Or at the very least I do know that it will NOT be as bad a defeat as it was last time BC played Riders.

I think they've been running on pride and emotion, but the Lions go tonight.

If anyone is going to beat us in the near future, it is going to be the Riders. I honestly believe that no other team in the league is up to beating us.

I voted Riders. Should be an interesting double header... Well, that latter part will be interesting. Couldn't care less about Tor/Mon. lol

I think WPG would stand just as good of a chance at beating the Lions as Saskatchewan would. Right now we are averaging over 100 yards more offence a game, and I don't think Smith will run all over our run D either. Guess we'll have to wait until the 10th (in your backyard no less) to see how things pan out. Could very well be 2 straight losses for the lions

There is little doubt that the Lions will go through the regular season and playoffs undefeated. Yep, they are that good.

The Miami Dolphins did it. And so will the Lions. Not only is their talent and coaching vastly superior to any other team, most of their backup players would be stars on other teams.

The Lions wouldn’t talk about it publically before the season, but secretly their goal was to go 20-0 this year! Go Lions Go!!


I picked the Riders in Big Dave's pool to win.

I think it's every team's goal to win every game, though most know that's not realistic. You try to win every time you take the field, or you find another line of work.

This week saw B.C.'s first loss and Hamilton's first win, meaning that once again there are no undefeated teams and no winless teams in the CFL. So I reiterate what I have always said: there will NEVER be a team with an 18-0 record, or an 0-18 record, and anyone who thinks there will be has their head in the clouds.

These Lions can't hold a candle to the 1989 Eskimos, who not only won 16 games (which no other team has EVER done!) but won most of them by huge margins. And even they lost twice, and lost the Western Final. Someday another team may win 16, or may even win 17, but no one will ever have an undefeated season. There's just too much parity in the CFL.

Care to retract that statement hwgill? :cowboy:

BC lost to two good teams- the Riders and Bombers-- come Labour Day, we are going to see one of the best games of the year between those two clubs-- it just may very well be a GC preview...

I gotta admit, I’m worried about the Labour day game, but we’ll get you green guys back the next week!

Seems to be what usually happens, the home team wins those back to back games.

Talk about a clash!
That will be something else.

Looking forward to it.