B.C. Lions:Second in the CFL Western Division

After todays Saskatchewan loss to Montreal the Lions are in second place,and are back in control of their destiny.And coming on strong in the second half of this season.As long as B.C. finishes first,or second,we have a home play-off game at the Dome.High-fives to Wally,the coaches,and players for turning this season around,and winning four straight games.This next home and home series with Edmonton will be huge,but if they keep playing good football,with minimal penalties,mental mistakes,the Lions could beat out Calgary for first place in the West.The Lions DB's looked very hungry,with a swagger against Hamilton saturday night.Hopefully,they can keep it up.As long as B.C. finishes tied with Saskatchewan for second place in the west,we have the advantage because we've beat the Riders two out of three games,and have scored 1 more point than them,as well,in those 3 games.I think Bobby is smiling from heaven.Go Lions :smiley:

The Lions still have room for improvement mostly in some offensive situations but the D is hitting its stride. Here are a few stats for the rest of the league to think about.

  1. #1 and #3 players with INTs and Miles has only played 11 games and most INTs by a team
  2. #1, 2 and 3 in QB sacks with Wake having as many sacks as Hamilton and only 2 away from all of the so called excellent D of the riders! lol. No team is even in the same league as the Lions for sacks.
  3. Fewest 1st downs allowed and fewest yards allowed.
    A few pretty nice stats for the D!

Theres a couple bright spots on O this year. While the running game isnt as dominant as previous years, they have very capable backs. Also, Buck hasnt been amazing or in the top few QBs this year but he has done a steady and consistent job after getting his #1 spot back and given the lions enough O to win (while the D annihilates the opposition lol). The biggest plus on O has been Simon! #1 so far in yards after only 11 games and over 20 yards per game over his closest rival which puts him averaging just over 100 ypg. There is no question who is the leagues #1 receiver over the past 5-6 years.

Looks like Turkeys early QB problem he predicted hasnt panned out unless he meant the riders wewt!

I would like to see the team improve just a bit more and hopefully bring the Western Final back where it belongs, In BC Place!

The lions will most likely be holding a home playoff game this post-season. i cant see them beating out calgary for first but i could definately see them finishing second likely hosting the eskimos.

Au contraire my friend. We got a creampuff sched down the stretch until Calgary in the last wee. i predict the west will come down to that game and if we beat 'em, we get homefield advatage.

Yep, I think other teams should be factoring us in. I was at the WF in '06 (front row) and I'm good and ready to go to another one. I honestly feel like we're playing our best football all season right now and the timing couldn't be better. You're right about Geroy alright...no one better. And I feel Buck's been pretty solid...no QB problems here.

Would be excellent if 1st in the West came down to the last game of the season! Calgary is playing well and BC has been playing well. If that holds could be a great finish!

Leos no worse than 2nd! Hoping for 1st. Either way, we're playing solid ball right now.

Still not a big fan of our run defence. Otherwise, we ROCK! :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: