B.C. Lions Indigenous Youth Program

I like the sounds of this. Looks like a lot of the players will be involved, too.


Here's another video about the program:


Perfect. Again this new owner is really making a difference.

They did not name the 4 communities did they?

Not in that video, but I found this from the Lions site:

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what is also great about this is how it is also sponsored by several blue chip businesses. I'm so impressed.

Hopefully DavedaHammer drops by to comment

I have worked on many reserves and areas with high indigenous populations. I have seen great athleticism around hockey , baseball and some basketball. But I don't remember many footballs around. But I think the response will be great.

A short video from one of the sessions:

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Yep. To this point, The Riders story in Saskatchewan hasn't included First Nations.

The new guy in BC is a breath of fresh air.

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He really is

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