B.C. Lions have their new Head Coach

Nope, it isn't Dave Dickenson. Not former Al's coach Marc Trestman. Not any of the names tossed around.

It's Jeff Tedford! Here's a little about him…


Tedfords name kind of popped up shortly after he and Tampa Bay settled on an agreement to part ways on DEC 5.
Tedford being a former CFL QB and coached a few seasons in the CFL with Buono.
He is well engraved as a HC spending the last decade at CAL.
Not being in the CFL in some time, time when Buono was just starting to get to be a CFL legend, should not have any perception that Buono would be pushing the buttons.
Bene moving from a long time DC under coach Buono, to HC under GM Buono a tough spot unless he won 3 grey cups in a row.

The hiring is making news down south.

[url=http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/12/18/tedford-heads-to-the-b-c-lions/]http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/20 ... b-c-lions/[/url]

I've read that Garcia could pop up under Tedford as OC still, but I would have to think the favourite to land that job would be George Cortez with whom he's had a long working relationship at UCal and is looking for work. I'm guessing Buono has him keep Mark Washington as the DC or will he pick his own man there as well. Should be interesting because I think Buono overall liked the work Washington did last year in his first year as DC.

Wonder what the Lions offered him in terms of salary. He was being paid $2M a year as Cal's HC.

Probably between 400k and 500k

Well he was paid to be an offensive co-ordinator in the NFL this year with a salary of a million or so.. So one must reason he is making far north of 500k measly 86 cent Canadian dollars..
I called this last year when the players got bent over and took it up the tail pipe.. The TV money is just going elsewhere now, and teams will simply spend their way into bankruptcy on coaches now. There needs to be a coaches and management cap. The players were total fools caving in for the peanuts they are getting paid.. The season was a complete joke anyways, the players would of done us all a favour if they stood up for themselves and we lost a few games or even half a season...
Betcha if we had lost half a season that the quality of play would of been better, because the players would actually be playing for real money.

You are probably right Bungle but no doubt the cost of tickets would go up as well. After all someone has to pay for those high salaries. Ooops…. I forgot… you said the ticket prices are already over-priced. :wink:

Tell me Bungle. If the quality of football improved, would you buy seasons tickets?

Couldn’t agree more, as I’ve said many times. CFL owners cry poor, but there’s money to be spent, and the players aren’t getting it.

It states in the article above that "He was the highest paid state employee of California as of 2011" - wow!! I didn't think that a public college/universities would pay a coach that much money. No wonder California was close to bankruptcy. I suppose he made enough money in them two years to set himself up for life.

Are we going to turn this league into the UFL? Where we have coaches earning 2 million and the entire roster earning peanuts? Id rather see team hire CANADIAN coaches from the CIS... after all this is the CFL.. Then use the TV mony to retain the beat possible players instead of cutting all of our vetrans every June because we cant afford them.. With fewer rookies, this would immediately improve the flag situation we had this season...
Im sure Tedford is a nice guy.. But for the good of the league, I hope the Lions go 2-16 this season..

Mr. Bungle you are spot on with your direct hit on the salary cap. What a smoke screen and probably done with calculated intentions that the owners and BOG kept saying we have no money , we are a Mom and Pop league - we are seeing as you called it the extra 3 million per yr is being spent on coaches and management etc, the players were led by a group with no backbone - and with a broken spirit the players standard of play showed it - what happens over the next 4 or 5 years - well at 50,000 per yr team increase the 70 plus players per team can probably buy a new I phone 6 or samsung with a minimum monthly plan - at least one where they can watch Bell sports and see all the new coaches and consultants hired by their CFL teams - time to wake up when the players salary is only about 20 to 25% of the gross income - something is not right - no wonder our great game is viewed 2nd rate or bush league by a lot of Canadians - especially those in the 18-49 group - the players are the stars in any league no one wants a Jersey with Tedford pasted on the back - even if he makes more money then any player in the league -

I tend to agree that at the rate it is going between still on staff and fired coaches/GM's etc that are still being paid there certainly appears to be a shift away from paying players to paying coaches and GM''s. How much money has Bob Young spent on coaches that were not coaching while still being paid by the Cats?

By the sounds of it - it is unlikely Tedford came cheap. This from Yahoo Sports before the announcement.

[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/could-lions--hc-target-jeff-tedford-be-a-good-cfl-fit--or-are-concerns-about-him-justified-210216052.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-5 ... 16052.html[/url]
But a coaching contract for Tedford won’t come cheap. His agent only last week was trying to land him the now-filled vacancy at Oregon State that was worth $1.06 million US last season.

That’s not only more than double the salary of any coach in the CFL, it doesn’t even come close to matching Tedford’s salary at California. In 2012 he earned $2.44 million, before he became eligible for a maximum $5.5 million termination settlement.

And we'll see how good he turns out to be. He had some early success at Cal but his last few years there weren't very good and apparently he has had health issues that as this writer mentions - have to be of some concern too.
There are some massive risks here, though. For one thing, Tedford hasn't done a lot lately. Yes, he generally did an impressive job as the head coach at Cal, where he remains the school's all-time winningest coach (even edging famed former Lion Joe Kapp!). In 2002, he inherited a program that went 1-10 the previous year and hadn't recorded a winning season since 1993; he took them to 7-5 that year, notched a couple of 10-win seasons (including one that tied for first in the then-Pac-10 in 2006), and went 82-57 overall. However, his final three seasons (2010-2012) saw the Golden Bears go 5-7, 7-6 and 3-9. Beyond that, the Golden Bears' cupboard was somewhat bare from a recruiting standpoint near the end of Tedford's career, and it's notable that they went 1-11 under new coach Sonny Dykes in 2013 (largely with Tedford's players) before improving to 5-7 this year as Dykes' recruits started to blossom. Tedford doesn't deserve full blame for what happened after he was fired, especially considering the massive schematic changes from his more pro-style attack to Dykes' Air Raid offence, but it's notable that things didn't look good on a variety of fronts near the end of his tenure.

Moreover, since being fired after the 2012 season, Tedford sat out 2013, and while he was hired as Tampa Bay's offensive coordinator ahead of the 2014 season, he wound up missing the entire regular season thanks to heart problems and attempts to come back too early. That wasn't the first time health concerns popped up; after he was fired from Cal, it was reported that he'd developed walking pneumonia and other health issues during the last years of his tenure there.He says he's fully healthy now, and heart issues haven't stopped Buono (amongst others) from being an effective coach, but health is certainly a concern here. Tedford is only 53, so he could be a CFL coach for a while if things work out, but his past health problems are a mark against him.

Not even a well worn retro jersey of a career 3rd string clipboard carrier ? I mean who wouldn't want a vintage "80's" Cats #9-Jeff Tedford jersey-near mint condition,rarely used,rarely washed,like new...ball cap and clipboard not included :lol: Even back then he looked more like a coach than a player !!!


Personally I think that Tedford is a great choice by the Lions as their new Head coach. I can see him honestly turning things around there and being very successful for the organization and doing quite well as a CFL Head coach. I for one think it's refreshing to see a new face for a change join the league coaching ranks instead of the constant recycling it seems of the same old faces and names that seem to permeate both here as well as the NFL.

I didn’t think so either slimjim. $2 million dollars a year as a university football coach? Wow! You might be right. He may be financially set up for life. It begs the question why he came to B.C. Would he have not done better elsewhere in the States?

"Personally I think that Tedford is a great choice by the Lions as their new Head coach. I can see him honestly turning things around there and being very successful for the organization and doing quite well as a CFL Head coach. I for one think it's refreshing to see a new face for a change join the league coaching ranks instead of the constant recycling it seems of the same old faces and names that seem to permeate both here as well as the NFL."…. by bobo

Well stated Bobo. :thup: Just don't tell Bungle. He's hoping the Lions go 2-16! It will be for the good of the league he says. Good for the league?? The last thing this league needs is for any single team to have such a dismal record- no matter what the reason. I'm hoping Tedford really helps turn things around. Much will depend on what he has to work with.

Tedford also received a couple million from the recent Tampa buyout. His Lions salary was projected at $375,000 maximum. Could he have signed for much more as a NFL assistant or in the NCAA? Probably, but there comes a time for everyone when quality of life supersedes maximizing income. He recently had heart surgery and the lifestyle in Vancouver might be a refreshing change from the nitty-gritty U.S. football grinder. Wally has hinted he'll be retiring within a couple years. If Tedford has success with the Lions he could be considered as Wally's replacement at GM or vice-president, for example...nice cushy jobs along with a generous salary which pays the bills. There are worse places to hitch your wagon than in Vancouver, especially with a couple mil in your pocket. It was reported Tedford owns a mountain getaway in California worth over $2 million and recently sold his SF home for over $2 million. So I guess money isn't everything. 8)

This is much like the same situation that brough Huff back to the CFL from the NFL. Huff is deaf in 1 ear and was having trpuble in NFL meetings hearing with 25 coaches in the room. He wanted to stay in coaching but in a situation he could have better control over, hence the Stamp. Huff makes great money 650,00 range for both jobs and loves the team and the league. Now its the same with this guy. He has made his money, but has some heart issues and wants to slow down a bit, nothing wrong with that. So instead of 16 hour NFL coaching days, he can now do 8 hour CFL coaching days and have a life, make good money and enjoy the sport of football the way it was ment to be played

I read another account he is the highest paid coach now at $600k.

hell be gone before the end of 2015