B.C. Lions for sale?

Reports that the B.C. Lions are for sale, and possible buyer is the current Vancouver Canucks owner.

He has met with Braley the past week about buying into the franchise.

shut up

Yeah!!!... what he said!!


Now he's the thing this distributer of used Saskatchewan fertilizer (re: McCallum's neighbour's lawn after the 2004 West final) didn't take into account: the Marty York wannabe is posting a BS thread about the Lions on the Ti-Cats forum?!? Living proof that there are more Bomber fans who are just as freakin' stupid as KK.


I think it was in honour of Faloney. :slight_smile:

its true the bc lions r for sale...

This speculation started in the preseason. Brian Williams interviewed Bob Ackles and posed this question early in the season (Ackles denied the speculation). This is news?

Possible buyers include anyone in Aisle 3 at the Kamloops Wal-Mart due to the lack of a link.

It's true, it's been all over the news today, where have y'all been.

I suggest we take up a collection and make Braley an offer. Then we all get to be coaches.

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