B.C. Lions Dream Team five years later

As part of the club's 50th anniversary in 2003, fans got to select the all-time Dream Team. The only current Lion named to the squad was Eric Carter.

Since then, the Lions have enjoyed their best run in franchise history winning four straight Western Division titles and advancing to the Grey Cup twice including the win in ’06.

How many players from this era would now be on that team?

My changes would be:

In: Brent Johnson (DE) Out: Nick Hebeler
In: Tyrone Williams (DT) Out: Rick Klassen
In: Geroy Simon (SB) Out: Darren Flutie
In: Jason Clermont (TE) Out: Harry Holt
In Wally Buono (coach) Out: Don Matthews

Toughest change was Williams for Klassen but big #96 has been a monster on the d-line for seven years.

I love Hebeler but Johnson is the most decorated Lions defensive player in team history with three major awards.

Although he is technically not a TE, Clermont has to be on that team instead of Holt. Two most outstanding Canadian awards, as well as top rookie in 2002, back him up. Besides, Jason plays like a TE. 8)

Eric Carter is still a Lion?

He was in 03

Id let Klassen stick.

This sounds interesting, were can I find out the whole roster? Who is QB and is the kicker LOU? anyone help?

Here it is as selected by the fans in 2003:


  • QB—Doug Flutie—1990–1991—34 games
  • RB—Willie Fleming—1959–1966—124 games
  • FB—Sean Millington—1991–1997 and 2000–2002—148 games
  • SB—Darren Flutie—1991–1995—73 games
  • TE—Harry Holt—1978–1982—54 games
  • WR—Mervyn Fernandez—1982–1986 and 1994—83 games
  • WR—Jim Young—1967–1979—197 games
  • C—Al Wilson—1972–1986—233 games
  • OG—Tom Hinton—1958–1966—136 games
  • OG—Jamie Taras—1987–2002—265 games
  • OT—John Blain—1977–1987—174 games
  • OT—Jim Mills—1986–1993, 1995—129 games
  • K/P— Lui Passaglia — 1976-2000—408 games

T—Mike Cacic—1957–1958 and 1960–1967—117 games
DT—Rick Klassen—1981–1987 and 1990—142 games
DE—James Parker—1984–1989—87 games
DE—Nick Hebeler—1979–1985—86 games
LB—Glen Jackson—1976–1987—192 games
LB—Tom Brown—1961–1967—97 games
LB—Norm Fieldgate—1954–1967—223 games
CB—Joe Fourqurean—1973–1981—122 games
CB—Eric Carter—1999–2003—86 games
DB—Larry Crawford—1981–1989—130 games
DB—Andre Francis—1986–1988 and 1992–1993—76 games
S—Bill Munsey—1963–1967—76 games

Thanks Miles_9 for your extra effort! WOW I really appreciate the extra time it took to present this for me! can't thank you enough!

Come on what kind of question is “is the kicker LOU?” :slight_smile:

worst question ever