B.C. Lions are in trouble!!!!!!!!

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I knew something was wrong last week when the Lions could not even fill the lower bowl when my Riders came to town, the biggest draw in the CFL. The pathetic crowd of barely 20.0000 against the Argos during summer after the Lions had won two straight should scare both the Lions management and the league. And, now that they blew a 21-0 lead and created NO excitement the last 3 1/2 quarters spells trouble in Lotus Land. Too bad as the two games against my Riders were exciting with lots of action. My B.C. sources say too much to go to all games due to cost, food costs + driving in and parking costs.
The Lions need to attract a younger crowd too or the torch will not be passed to anyone as older CFL folks stop attending games. And, my sources tell me both local newspapers were full of B.C. Lions stories leading up to the game= 3-4 page spreads in one paper i am told. I am worried for the Lions and the League. Toronto attendance is one thing but when Vancouver starts to lose interest this is a serious, serious concern. The crappy game tonight in Edmonton tonight does not help either. :roll:

Well with Montreal drawing 19000.. Toronto drawing 11000 and the Lions drawing 20000.. You have a potential fan base of 11 million drawing 50000 fans...

Stop broadcasting all the games in HD for the home team . Or go to PPV for home games .

So give back the 45 million dollars to Bell? Right !

Definitely not but I was only trying to get more asses in the seats.

[i]Stop making hockey an all year sport! The Stanley Cup shenanigans finish mid june, then they broadcast the draft, free agency, then training camps start! Geez, can we at least get 1 single month with no hockey news?!

Also cut down on the Kardashian Bruce/Caitlyn jenner and other useless shid in the media, and maybe people will go to games. [/i]

Someone called in TSN690 to tell them to mix it up a bit since it was summer. The host chewed him out and told him he was going to keep talking about hockey and if he didn't like it...

The media in Canada are just not getting the message from all of us fans of the CFL who want to hear more on the game, see more, read more etc.

I think it's high time to boycott media in Canada, send emails, write letters whatever that we as supporters of cable, Bell, Shaw, Rogers etc. expect to see the CFL on all sports media during the months of July to the Grey Cup.

Really I think what's happening in Canada is a change in media like elsewhere and soon you will be watching your favorite CFL team play on Youtube or Apple TV with a Latino sports caster calling the game in Spanish named Enrico Black distant "Cousin of of Rod Black".


CFL fans boycotting the media in Canada?? obviously some of the media couldn't care less if they lose CFL fans as far as they are concerned there's not many.
Why would you boycott the Sun they have pretty good CFL coverage, I read the Ottawa Sun CFL coverage and they not only have the REDBLACK coverage but they also carry CFL articles from the Winnipeg Sun, Toronto Sun, the Edmonton Sun, Calgary Sun.
The Ottawa Citizen does a good job too of covering the CFL. The Hamilton Spectator also does a pretty good job.
TSN does a great job of covering the CFL on line and on air
So maybe you should vent and right letters specifically to the papers that don't cover the CFL

As for you rant about Latinos, maybe coverage in Spanish or Chinese or Hindi may be a good idea to get new Canadians interested in the CFL.

Mods, do we really need another 'Lions are in trouble' troll thread? Why isn't this consolidated with the one that already exists (or, better yet, locked)?

Nothing new or insightful here, including the feigned concern.

Lions typically don't draw well in July August other things to do here, once the kids are back to school and minor football teams start their season we'll see an increase in support.
Hard to compete with the Canucks and now the Whitecaps are doing better the slice of the pie has gotten smaller .
The Lions need to tap into the Asian market, if you go to the games here you see that isn't the case right now.