I am happy for DAVE D. and BRENT.


MONTREAL's great O-LINE was beaten by a better B.C., D-LINE. :thup:

MONTREAL , can't blame the REFS for their terrible 1st half of bad passes and dropped balls , or a fumble on the B.C. 1 yard line.

MONTREAL, had 0 first downs in the first quarter. :thdn:

B.C. look and played like the CFL's best team tonight. :thup: :thup: :thup:

I just hope MONTREAL fans buy tickets for next year?!? :thup:

WELL DONE B.C. , the "curse" is over , at least for YOU!

:thup: :thup:

GREAT JOB to WINNIPEG for selling out and putting on a excellent show. :thup: :thup: :thup:

....congrats to the Lions for the Grey Cup victory....a well played game all 'round...kudos to DD for his tenacity and to McCallum for erasing old demons....

Was not really a classic by any stretch of the imagination, as the reffing pretty much sucked! Cahoon was being grabbed the whole game, it reminded me of that "hand in my pocket" commercial. The city of Winnipeg put on a great spread, and the parade was even better, adding the Grey cup and christmas parades together.

Congrats to B.C.
They showed they wanted it more.

I have to say though, the Als made it interesting in the second half.

EXCELLENT POINT ~! And tying a GREY CUP F.G. record. :thup:

There will be no flies near McCallum tonight :thup:

Bang on ro; glad to see another Als' fan sees it for what it is. The better team won, that's really all there is to it. Hats off to the Lions.

BC Lions deserved to win the Grey Cup! They were the best team in 2006!

To all the haters out there, you guys know who you are, KISS OUR RINGS.


Man, isn't this sad. We're now up for another 7 months without football. sight

I'd like to thank my Als for stretching this season to the max once again. We may not have won the Grey Cup, but on November 19th, we were still playing football.

Thanks guys.

I watched part of the game. But I kept switching back and forth between the Grey Cup and a Discovery Channel special on paint drying... :lol:

All jokes aside, congrats to the Lions.

Congrats to the Lions, they were the class of the CFL all season long.

Also congrats to the Saskatchewan connections, Paul McCallum who had a great game, including a great coffin corner punt and Jason Clermont.

Congratulations to the Lions, they deserved the win by being the team that made the fewest mistakes.

As an Als fan, I can say that after the first half, the team could have folded up and mailed it in. It was nice to see such an inspired effort in the second half, particularly by the D, who played one of their best games of the season at a time that it mattered most.

Very classy of you ro :thup:

I know that this loss must hurt.

I really thought that MONTREAL had a chance , BUT I can’t explain MONTREAL in the 1st half and all those dropped balls? What was MONTREAL on?

No one could have predicted that MONTREAL would be that bad in the first half. :o

And the whole game would have been different if MONTREAL didn’t fumble on the B.C. 1 yard line. :o

They should have challenged that fumble. :thup:

You guys pulled an ARGOS! :wink: :lol:

Yes, ditto for me as well, congrats to the BC Lions and all of their fans, the best team truly won.
We are all looking forward to next year and it will be a long time coming now that football is done for 06.

Plain and simple...the better team won. All year long, ain't no denying - the Lions were the team to beat and few could.

The Al's made it interesting and my hat's off to them for coming out in the second half and making a go of it...unfortunately, too little too late for them.


I agree they should have challenged but I guess the spotter figured they was no indisputable evidence.

And I have to agree; from the replays I saw, there was nothing indisputable there; but on the other hand at that point in the game what did we have to lose? Oh well, back to the drawing board for 2007…

HEY , at least you kicked THE ARGOS butt all year! :wink: :lol:

B.C. were just too powerful.

With the way replays have been going this year, there was no reason not to challenge the call. My guess is that the spotters told Popp that they saw it come loose, otherwise had they told him it was too close to call, I'm sure he would have challenged.

Question about NFL challenges

Is your quanity of challenges reduced if you win? I mean if you have 1 challenge and 1 time out left and you win the challenge. Do you now still have 1 challenge and 1 time out or 0 challenges and 1 time out?

I think the real problem for Montreal today, was that they didn’t fake enough injuries. A couple more guys falling down after the play, like they had been shot, right after a team mate on the sidelines motioned for them to go down, and it could have been a completely different outcome.

Glad to see the players involved were miraculously able to walk off the field under their own steam. It would have been a shame if the ambulance had had to come out for any of these devastating injuries.