B.C. @ (it doesn't matter) 2pm mst. Game thread

Well I guess all that really matters is can the Riders score a touchdown? Will Durant last all game? How many points will the Lions score?

I think the game will closer then the last few games.

Durant will last first half, won't be able to play through pain or getting hit all game cause we have no protection.

Cole will come in and look great.

We will score 3 TDS, one on defense or special teams.

Final score 28-25 BC

They're starting Durant? i thought he had a broken foot?
I think this game will be closer, but I still like the Lions. The riders really are reeling and I think many of the players have already quit (Not all, but a lot).

Yes, the Riders are being run by the inmates now. They're starting Durant because they aren't officialy out of the playoffs (though if Hamilton wins they would be AFAIK).

BC will see to that, and their pass rush is going to destroy an immobile QB behind the Riders poor protection. It's nothing short of insanity.

It's a broken bone in his left foot.....I look for Cates and Brandon West to be used more; draw play up the middle is one key area. Durrant is smart and will not put himself in danger of added injury; the play selection from the OC will be different?

Sask doesn't have an OC, Miller calls some Durant calls some is what I think is happening. So I think Durant will know what he can and can't do. I love his toughness, people are saying it is stupid for him to be playing, but I mean as long there is a small chance, I like the fight!! If he hurts it more there is a long off season to heal properly. If it had a chance of doing permanent damage I'm sure he wouldn't be playing.

They've already said that if he injures it more he's risking surgery.

It's foolish. A well run organization would be man enough to say that this season is over and you need to protect one of your key players for next year. A loony bin says that they're going to run the table (and Hamilton will not win again) and that potential long-term injury to your starting QB isn't a problem...

and that's if you ignore how immobile he was in the last game. Against BC's defense? He's going to get sacked 9 times.

This will be a boring game. Lions will grind the Riders down about 29-11. The Riders will not score a TD.

I forgot about Durrant/Miller calling the plays. Ricky Ray needs to do his play selection too!

So do you think Tampa Bay should have said the season was over when they were 9 games back of the Red Sox in September? I don’t want my management calling it quits until its 100% chance that they are out. Anything can happen, am I saying the Riders have a good shot at it, NO! But they have a tiny little chance, and I would want my team to keep playing until there is no shot! Maybe if we had a capable backup this wouldn’t be such a big deal, but we don’t, our best bet is with DD playing. I can see riders going 4 receivers and having extra guys in for protection.

That's a truly stupid analogy.

I don't want to risk a star QB for the next 5 years for a 1 in a million chance of getting bounced in the first round.

How is that stupid, a team blowing a 9 game lead in September has never happened before IIRC, most people thought there was no chance of Tampa coming back and getting into the post season, do you think the team still would have made it if management said, "Ok folks, looks like we are done until next year, lets just pack it in, if you are hurt don't worry about playing through injury." I want my management to do whatever it takes to win. We do not have a solid back-up, an injured Durant is better then a healthy Dinwiddie(SP?). I don't think a broken bone in his foot is going to do permanent damage, it will likely be fully healed up by next season no matter what, surgery or not. So I say play him, he can likely move a bit better this week compared to last week. Like I said, sask will likely have more protection for Durant this week, and watch for short underneath passes with lots of YAC.

If you want your management to do everything it takes to win, tell them to get a GODDAMN RUSH END!

I agree with that! We need to get a lot of stuff this off season in order to have a chance next season!

Far as I know Tampa wasn’t risking a long term injury to their star player to go for it.

If they run the table then I’ll eat my words. But if they don’t and DD gets plastered by the BC defense because he can’t protect himself? This is a case where I’d rather not be right because I like the guy.

Not a risk I’d take if I was the GM.

Come BC, lets put this one away early and take the crowd out of it.

Since when do we have a pass rush? Since when do we stop a run?? Wow not a terrible start for us on the first drive minus the Lulay rush!

Come on Koch, gotta bring that one in!!

They just said that the training staff said that Durant shouldn't hurt his foot anymore then it already is. So I say its a good thing he is playing! His throws look ok, he is moving around in the pocket pretty good on that first drive, don't think we'll see him running to often today though!

First quarter points! No way!! Lol if we can only get a TD sometime soon! :lol: