B.C. is most impressive!!!!!!!!!

WOW.........B.C. bucked the trend of the bad game after a ten day lay off.

They looked impressive,very impressive tonight ..........tonight. Maybe they can go ......18 and 0. O.K., it's only OTTAWA , but they ain't that bad.

O.K. so , OTTAWA had few fans. OR am I wrong?

WOW :shock: ........B.C. scares me..........I have to admit that, and if they go all the way this year.......B.C. fans...........should remember that next year........ :smiley: I HOPE.

Peeking for this long means that they might peak all year.But they still have to win and get to the GREY CUP. Remember, the 1989 ESKS?

But right now they are the CLASS of the CFL! :shock: :smiley:

Ottawa is saving up for the NHL, but they will be disapointed with the new rules and Heatley. 8)

Congrats to BC, how long can they go undefeated?

If they keep playing like they played tonight, they may very well stay undefeated for a long time - at least longer than I would have projected. Hell, they've already gone undefeated for longer then I projected. . .

Give some credit to Ottawa, they were absolutely pathetic tonight..

Point taken.

Blocked punt on the first set of downs didn't help. The Lions roared right out of the gate and came to play. I think Ottawa was shell shocked early by the Leos defence. The Renegades will bounce back and regroup.

Lions first loss will unfortunately come in two weeks in Edmonton....I hope I'm wrong.

I'll predict 15-3 1-Loss, 2 weeks in Edmonton ; 1 Loss In Montreal and 1 Loss in Winnipeg. The Winnipeg loss will be the wakeup call that catapults them through the playoffs.

what is the record for consecutive victories in one season?

I think it is 12.
I think it was the Stamps in 1944.
Turd what is it?
I also think the Eskies will give B.C. their first loss!!!

.....1948, but the 12 win streak is correct......funny that record has lasted so long, doesn't seem THAT unbeatable......BC certainly has a good shot at it now........

No. In fact, BC is still pretty far away from holding (or even tying, for that matter) the longest CFL winning streak.

The record is 22 !

Saskargo, you were quite close, however, because it is indeed a Stampeders record dating back to the 1940s, but it was established over two seasons: from the summer of 1948 to the fall of 1949.

That being said, BC's current run remains impressive.

Oh! I failed to notice Tvor's question was about the longest winning streak in one season. RedandWhite gave the right answer then.

I was close!!!!

Thanks Third & R&W &SA

Ya they mentioned it last night during the game. They had a little graphic for it.
BC tied edmontons longest yesterday.
The graphic was for longest going undefeated. not win streak


…I’m glad my club is finished with you guys, see ya in the western final…

. . .R&W in fantasyland again, I see. . . :smiley:

If you are not an Argo,Lions,Eskies,or Als fan then you are in a fantasy land.

If you include regular season undeafeated streak aren't the Lions something like 10 and 0 including last season?

There winning streak at home is pretty impressive too.