B.C. has the flu

No kidding..I'm not yanking your chain here, during the Fri. night game BC vs Edmonton, TSN was reporting that the Lions were suffering with the flu bug. Dang it! Means if we happen to win on Sunday everyone will know why....just can't get any respect. :cowboy:

I will see your flu bug, and raise you 4 injured QBs.

I will see your flu bug, and 4 injured QBs and raise you a Lions team that has lost to us twice and is not as good as the tabbies.

respect is over rated, wins aren't. :lol:

Maybe they were mistaking the flu bug with the injury bug.

Did they mention the blue team having the flu?? Seems like all the losing teams have the flu so I thought I'd help them out with that excuse... :roll:

If we lose I know it’ll because we picked up that flu bug that the other teams have been stricken with. Damn flu bug anyway! :cowboy:

Isnt it ridiculous how all the teams we have beaten lately have the flu. Heres a news flash. I`m sure there are guys with the flu on every team, including ours.

I guess we`ll have to win the Grey Cup to get some credit :smiley:

and if the refs suck, it will be because they have the flu as well....so there :lol:

after all, its impossible to see in the middle of a sneeze.

I know the flu bug is going around but I think everyone is on the same playing level. No excuses. If you win your the better team.

If the Lions are suffering from the flu I suggest they get in touch with Dr. Glen Suitor :roll: :roll:

LOL, good one ballboy. :smiley: