B.C. fans, time to move on!

I'm sure this topic will be locked at some point because one poster will call another poster a childish name, but I feel this needs to be said regardless.

All the B.C. fans have been talking about for the last week, week and a half, is how their team has so many injuries, both of their starting QBs are injured. Blah, blah, blah...


I think it's time to move on. Lets get back to football shall we. And if any B.C. fan even tries to deny this, I will go through the topics and start quoting posts. I could easily find a dozen.

It's getting irritating. We know you guys have injuries. We don't need you guys to harp on that issue anymore. Move on!

... but we all know that some Lion fans are NEVER wrong... they can win the 3rd stringer, but the team that beats them didnt really beat their best, so it should not count.. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Grey Cup Champions 2006! :roll:

Its all good . . .

On the third meeting of THE SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS vs. BC Lions we will see who has what it takes.

Dickenson was a guaranteed injury at some point this season. The team should have been more than prepared to fill his shoes. As for the rest of BC’s injuries . . . stop acting like BC is the only team with injuries.

Stop acting like other teams are missing the same quality of players as the Lions. You aren't convincing me or any other BC fans that Stancil or Jurineak are of the same stature as Floyd, Marsh, Banks, Dickenson, Pierce.

Ignorance doesn't cut it.
Just because you don't know who our starters are doesn't change the fact that they are STARTERS and they ARE injured.
We can't help it if your talent is paper thin.

Paper thin = 2006 or 1989?

No, last Thurs., 2007.
When the Riders pounded your beloved Leos flat/paper thin.

Oh...You sure you didn't mean the last two Western Finals?

Pounded = 42-12 with a third stringer


21-9 against a third stringer?

Pretty sure I am talking about last Thurs., 2007, when your beloved Lions played more like Pussycat Dolls.

You got any brie left over there....?

I'm really beginning to think RLR has selective... well, everything!

Arius, an simple question here:

Which roster, healthy, would you rather have?

Choice 1: The Saskatchewan Roughriders
Choice 2: The BC Lions

That's a loaded question, because it means nothing when you have great players who can't stay healthy. The Riders had a guy like that and his name was Jackie Mitchell, awesome player when he was healthy for all of 5 games a year.

Do I think the Lions roster is better, they are definately better at the QB position, but that's offset by the fact that the position is also an area of constant injuries.

Injuries are in fact a part of the game, it's why teams have backups. A guy getting hurt might hamper the team but it's no different than the other 8 teams in this league.

The fact that no Rider fans are whining and complaining about injuries probably has to do with the fact that the backups are in fact playing just as well as the starters were, but it doesn't mean the starters are terrible.

And I don't think one single Rider fan on here blamed our earlier loss on the Lions on our various injuries, even though we are missing just as many starters.

Are you kidding me? The Lion's two biggest injuries are at the most important position in the game. If Marcus Crandell had to start against the Lions (not to mention Darian Durant, or Drew Tate) and lost, there would be a load of Manure dumped on their driveway, and the entire population of Saskatchewan would want to run over Kent Austin's body with their combines!

Is it a valid excuse to use when Dickenson is seemingly ALWAYS hurt? Buck Pierce has been pretty banged up himself. It's the teams choice in playing guys that aren't durable, they could always bring in someone who doesn't get hurt often, who isn't quite as effective couldn't they?

Riddle me this, if Wally has his top two Quarterbacks injured, then why does he have Jarious throw 38 passes and neglect Joe Smith pretty much all together?

Yeah, Dickenson is injury prone, But when healthy he's hands down the best QB in the CFL. Buck Pierce is arguably the second best, but succumbed to not one, not two, but three injuries before giving way to Jarious Jackson who could be a starter on a couple of teams in this league. Do you think these guys grow on trees? It's a tribute to Wally and Bob Obilivich that the Lions have this much depth at QB to begin with. Who should they bring in?

Riddle me this, If the Scotty Bowman of the CFL decides that Jarious throws 38 passes and neglect Joe Smith, don't you think he knows a little bit more than you?

I still think Ricky Ray gives him a run for his money.

Buck Pierce is NOT the arguably the 2nd best QB in this league. He has shown that he is a capable starter, but I would still rank him behind Ray, Calvillo, Burris, and even Glenn. He hasn't proven himself yet.

I thought Don Matthews retired last year? :wink:

Wally undoubtedly knows more about football than me, but his team ended up losing at the end of the day. Does having a lot of experience in this league mean he's not prone to making some mistakes?

I also sense that Wally has an ego the size of Vancouver Island.

Is this a rhetorical question?
Probably not.

Let me answer it by stating my predictions for the West standings this year:

  1. Riders.
  2. Stamps.
  3. Lions.
  4. Eskimos.

As of this moment, Calgary has been surprisingly bad, but I actually see little reason to back away from that prediction.

Iknow,,I know.
How can I possibly believe the Lions will finish 3rd.
I mean obviously they have an all-star at every position, and 20-30 guys on the roster will be hall of famers.
And even your back-ups are better than our start...oh, wait...sorry I am starting to laugh to hard to keep typing...

The fact is, while you think your talent level is vastly superior to every team in the league, I understand that the difference in talent from the best team, to the worst team is actually very small.

And right now, I like my team better than yours.
Thanks for caring.

In 2006 the Edmonton Eskimos were the defending GC champs and they wound up missing the playoffs. It just shows that what happened the previous year means absolutely nothing in terms of what is happening this season.

I didn't get that either. We should have been running a hell of a lot more last game...