B.C. @ Edmonton

Is everyone excited for the re-match tonight?

I'm torn. I have an OHL game at 7:30 and this game at 9:00. Miss the ending of the OHL game or miss the beginning of this game? Decisions.

Whatever happens, I just hope Murphy doesn't mistake one of the Eskimos for the Lions bench again.

I wonder if Murphy always played with his food before he ate it... :wink:

I'm going to cheering for Edmonton Chief, but you have to cheer for Saskatchewan next week. OK. LOL :smiley: I picked Edmonton in the vertual challege week contest, but think BC is going to very hungrey coming into the Eskies house. RR will have to mix up his audible at the line and try to get BC to take dumb offside penaltys and slow the heat down.

Trying to pull a fast one, eh? :lol: I'll be darned if I'm going to cheer against my team. :stuck_out_tongue: But thanks for the support tonight. Hopefully Edmonton gets off to a fast start and buries Lions early.

I also hope Murphy doesn't mistake an Eskimos helmet for his own... again.

WB, Fred Perry :cowboy:

Here's to a good game.

I'm torn too...Lions on one channel, Canucks on the other. It's a good thing.

I gave up on the OHL game... We gave up 4 goals in the second period. I'd say the Knights are toast tonight.

Eskimos didn't get off to a good start, either. I think they should have went for it. :smiley:

Good to see Geroy p/u a few yards there...get that monkey from last game off his back.

I think the Eskimos just blinked!

I think Campbell needs to pick some fans from the stands to play defence for us...

Sigh, secondary gives up another big play yet again.

Gotta love it... Murphy on the D-line

They keep playing him like that, and he's going to get winded and will need to have a seat. Hopefully it won't be on one of my guys. :lol:

Your not cheering hard enough Chief. Eskies deffense has to pick it up.

That's gonna happen... I think the Eskimos are maybe playing for the tie breaker and not the win. :roll: Oh well, I'll just continue making cracks about Murphy. :smiley:

Funny how the Lions can't count. Short players once and then 2 many.

Ricky took way to long to pass that ball. Guys were open right off the line. All they needed was 6 yds. If RR starts slow in the 1st half he usually plays great in the 2nd half. I'm hoping anyway.

Well, on the bright side, my Knights won 6-5 in OT tonight. I have that going for me. :smiley:

"ol Bucky is getting hammered tonight.

He keeps getting up though... that's all that matters