The Bombers probably would prefer Edm to beat BC this weekend. B.C has a tougher sched. to finish off the season than EDM. If we can't catch Ham. than we have a better chance of catching BC than EDM. Edm has to play Tor. twice yet. It looks like the magic number for Wpg or Ham to keep the 4th team in the west from crossing over is 8 wins . With Edm and B.C still having two games against eachother, one of those teams will go 2 - 3. Then again EDM not playing well at the moment.

 EDM  ....  BC (H)   TOR (A)     CGY (A)     TOR  (H)    BC  (A)

   BC...... EDM (A)  WPG (A)    SK    (A)     CGY  (H)   EDM (H)

BC will represnt the EAST! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Hamilton will be happy to host a semi final game BC will walk in and upset them.

Marty York reports that Murray Clarke's crew is doing the Eastern Final, and we all know the history there. The Als will be thinking more about Officiating than calling plays and BC will upset. 8) 8)

BC Lions Eastern Division Champs! :lol: :lol: :lol:

...sorry there sport.....ain't gonna be NO crossover.....you guys will be out of it shortly.....time for Wally to start the 'real rebuild... :lol: :lol: :lol:

They both have pretty easy schedules to end the season.

I say the only chance the Bombers have of making the playoffs is if Edmonton continues to slide. BC and Hamilton are not gong to roll over.

......roll over ain't in the Bomber book either......somethings gonna give...The west is a dog-fight....not one of those teams can count on the other for help....They'll chew-up one another and one of those pulling up the rear , will be on the outside looking in......bet on it... :wink:

The playoff race is going to go right down to the wire this year, or so it would appear.

BC Vs Winnipeg in two weeks could have big play off implications!

We're hoping Mike Kelly will pi** off a few players in the meantime. :wink:

…pi$$ ing off guys like the Barrin…ain’t necessarily a good thing…for the opposition… :lol:

It's great that there nothing settled as far as playoffs go (except I guess for Montreal)...very interesting season so far...

Dear Mike Kelly,

I think you are one of the smartest, intellegent Coaches to ever grace the CFL. The only thing holding you back from Coach of the year honours are your players and their lack of effort. I think you need to point this out and make them aware of that more often,

Yours Truly,


There that should start the ball rolling! :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Your a true Bomber fan now :')
Papa would be proud :wink:

I hope Hamilton and Winnipeg make the playoffs, Winnipeg ahead of Hamilton for sure! I predict that Sask will either miss the playoffs or be the cross over team. If Winnipeg can win on Monday....LOOK OUT!!!!

I think the loser of the BC-Edm game is going to have difficulties making the playoffs although if it is Edmonton that loses their schedule seems to give them more opportunities to get back in it than BC's. It's too close to call who will get third in the West but I don't think there is going to be a cross-over this year.

......NOW NOW SPORT.....you're in the Peg soon....better bring a better run defence than you had at B.C. Place last time we were there... :lol: ...and if your qb. is having troubles....just start Printers....he's quite capable .... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Not that it matters to the Bomber fans but an Eskimo win would benefit the Cat's :wink:

....WHATEVER HAPPENED .....to Ritchie Halls defences.....esks. get burned late....Similar play to Milts a few years back....only Simon dsoes em in.....Schmoes don't look good.. :roll

I really can't believe it. I picked the Esk's as my pre-season fav's to win the cup because of their amazing new coach, their outstanding additions and probably biggest improvements by a team in the off-season but they just can't seem to get it done. I do however enjoy watching the Esk's lose and the Cat's win because I have a feeling Lumsden left us for the Esk's just like Goss because they both thought the Cat's would not amount to anything again in their time and their best chance to get to the cup would be ditching Hamilton for Edmonton. I also like the poetic justice, the team famous for stealing wins in the final minute get's one stolen in the final minute. That being said I guess i'm happy with an Eskimo loss after all :thup:

They are just not consistant, they lack character and toughness . They have talent thoughout their roster but Ray has become compacent, the kid is fat and lacks the drive to lead. Eskimos have the best stats of any losing team in decades.

I said 2 weeks ago that I felt BC would not be the crossover team. That is why I rooted for BC to beat Sask last week, it may be that I made the right call. If my plan comes off, Sask will be the worst team in the west. Bombers have to beat Hamilton or we are 2 games back.

My plan is to root for Argos tonight over Riders, to keep my plan going with Sask being the worst team in the west. Now if for some reason Bombers are going to lose on Monday (God forbid) then for sure I withdraw my 1 game support of the Argos.

Tell me where I have gone wrong?

Well, just a crack in your theory. Should the Argo's win and Bombers lose then you'll have somebody riding you for your east division spot. Your safest bet is for the argo's to lose so that if the Bombers do they won't be closer to being down and out. Not to mention they are the Argo's :lol: who in their right mind wants them to win? See, with the Ticats losing all the time you learn to find loopholes that might, just maybe help your team make the playoffs since they couldn't seem to do it themselves :lol: