B.C. Deserved a thumping

They deserved what they got and here's why. Down 14-0 in the first quarter, facing 3rd and less than a yard and they punted. Gave the ball and game away. Surrendered right there. Yes , they were on the 27 but in the CFL they line up a yard off the ball. Should be automatic that you go for it. Yes, the running game was going nowhere but c'mon....less than a yard. Cowards...no faith in the offence .It was awful and should have the TSN turning point of the game. I'd say the same thing if the Cats did the same thing. Should be a league rule....short one and you have to go for it.

I would agree, BUT - we have stopped numerous 3rd-and-one attempts this season, and there is a LOT of game film on it. If (when) they fail, they would give us the ball at their own 27-yd-line, ALREADY in Justin Medlock’s range (3 points), and an extremely short field for Zach and Co to work with for a TD attempt (7 points). IMHO, at that time of the game, it’s a FAR better decision to punt and trust your defence to come up with a stop, than to attempt such a risky move with the crowd noise at THF, the strength of our D-Line, our 3rd-down-gamble success rate, crappy field position, time-of-game, etc…

They did a fairly good job containing Banks, except for the return that he ran back. I think they saw the ball hit the ground, and figured he would just down it so instead of spreading out across the field, they all headed towards the ball as it rolled to a stop. Watching him grab it and take off was almost comical as he left them all behind.